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Nov 12

Stuffed Turkey Bundles with Gravy

Stuffed Turkey Bundles with Gravy

These Stuffed Turkey Bundles with Gravy are my idea of pure comfort food. I would name gravy as one of my favorite things. It’s my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner, and turkey and stuffing are two of my favorite vehicles on which to deliver the gravy. While nothing will ever beat my mom’s gravy on Thanksgiving Day, These Stuffed Turkey Bundles with Gravy give me similar feelings of comfort, satisfaction and happiness. They’re hearty and filling and the stuffing inside is moist and flavorful. The whole dish kind of reminds me of Thanksgiving flavored Salisbury steak. One of the best things about this recipe is that each serving comes with ½ cup of rich, flavorful chicken gravy, which is enough to pour over your stuffed turkey bundle and your side dish of choice. Green beans, squash, mashed potatoes, rice – everything is better with gravy, right? My husband even said this recipe is one of the best things I’ve made him in quite a while. Better still, each serving of these Stuffed Turkey Bundles with Gravy is just 342 calories or 5 WW Freestyle SmartPoints!