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Mar 25

Garlic Herb Mushrooms

Garlic Herb Mushrooms in a pan

These easy Garlic Herb Mushrooms are so flavorful and come together in just minutes! I love these as a side dish, but they’re also fantastic as a topping for steak, pasta or chicken, or even as a snack. Once I start eating these I never want to stop! The sautéed mushrooms are soft, but the edges get golden and crispy in the butter. The salt, pepper, garlic and herbs may be simple, but they give these mushrooms an incredible flavor. You can whip up these Garlic Herb Mushrooms in less than 10 minutes, so they’re perfect as a quick weeknight side dish or to top some meat off the grill. You can also easily halve the recipe to make a smaller quantity if you’re only serving one or two. Better still, a serving of these savory, buttery Garlic Herb Mushrooms is just 52 calories or 1 WW Freestyle SmartPoint. Just one SP!