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Nov 16

Apricot Brie Tartlets

Apricot Brie Tartlets on a plate

These 3-ingredient Apricot Brie Tartlets are pretty much the easiest appetizer possible, and they’re so tasty to boot! I love the rich, creamy, warm Brie with the sweetness of the apricot preserves and the crispy phyllo shell. It’s kind of like the flavors of baked brie, but individually portioned and with way less time and effort! It’s always nice to have an appetizer recipe you know you can toss together in 15 minutes and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. I know most of us aren’t doing much entertaining these days, but these Apricot Brie Tartlets would be great for upcoming holidays with the family, or as a tasty afternoon snack. Someday when we’re back to in-person book clubs, football parties, girls’ nights, etc you can make these for that too. Not only are they easy and tasty, each tartlet is just 37 calories or 1 WW SmartPoint each on all three Weight Watchers color plans!