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December 24, 2010 – “If You Bite It, Write It” is a popular Weight Watchers idiom, and while I’m not intending this blog to be a written record of every morsel that crosses my lips, it’s those of us who are diligently recording our way to a healthier lifestyle that inspired me to share my journey collecting, creating, borrowing, modifying, cooking and of course eating these lightened-up recipes.

A few years back I bought a really cute pink apron I’d had my eye on for a while and my sister commented that she was sure it would “come in handy” when I was “microwaving lean cuisines.” I glared at her of course, but she was right. Until a few months ago my “cooking resume” didn’t include much more than microwaving frozen entrees or boiling water for spaghetti. In my quest to lead a healthier lifestyle I decided to attempt a few simple recipes I found online & in magazines and realized a few things: (a) recipe directions aren’t too difficult to follow, (b) home cooked food tastes significantly better than take out or frozen entrees and (c) lightened up recipes really can still taste delicious! I became semi-obsessed with seeking out recipes and it took me by surprise when I realized I love cooking.

With my (lack of) cooking background, naturally I was proud of myself for creating dishes that used actual ingredients, so I decided to snap pictures of my creations and post them to a photo album to share with friends. I began following recipe/food blogs online and when friends started requesting recipes for the meal pictures I’d posted, I thought “maybe this is my next step.” I decided to make a page and start by back-blogging the recipes I’d taken photos of in the two months prior, and Emily Bites was born.

If you’ve read this far, you realize that I’m in no way a “top chef” so most of the recipes I try in my blog are relatively simple and uncomplicated (though I plan to challenge myself from time to time). Regardless of your level of cooking experience, I hope you enjoy my blog and the recipes you find here! Please feel free to leave comments and share your results, revisions, thoughts and ideas. If you have any questions or comments you can contact me at emilybitesblog@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading – happy cooking!