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Nov 10

CONTEST CLOSED – Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Giveaway!


I love to cook, as I’m sure you’ve all gathered, but I still have nights like everyone else when I get home from work and I want to eat dinner NOW and even taking 30 minutes to cook something doesn’t seem like an option. Before I started cooking I depended on frozen tray dinners for the majority of my meals, and while I certainly enjoyed some of them, I didn’t often find them very filling or satisfying. That led me to snack a lot and unsurprisingly, the cuisine isn’t quite so lean when you supplement it with a lineup of snack foods afterward. Oops.

When I was contacted about trying Smart Ones’ new solution to that issue, I was intrigued. Their Satisfying Selections line has five different options that each provide 30% more food than the typical tray meals. These options get steamed in a microwavable bag rather than a tray, so you do need to BYOP (bring your own plate), but I think that actually makes it seem more like a real meal anyway, and if you serve it with a side of veggies they can sit side by side. These meals are a few more points than many of the tray meals (they range from 8-10 Points+) but with 30% more food, they’re much more filling as a main course.

I was given coupons to try two Satisfying Selections for myself and I gravitated directly to the pasta entrees (pasta has long been my go-to choice in the frozen meal world). I tried the Ziti with Meatballs and Cheese for 10 P+ and the Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo for 8 P+.

The Ziti with Meatballs was pretty tasty and it definitely felt like a larger portion than traditional frozen dinners. I was surprised by the number of meatballs included (I love meatballs). There was also a lot of cheese (yay), though it clumped together a bit when steamed, so I ended up cutting it into pieces to spread it out before eating and then I got cheese in every bite.

I really liked the Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo. The sauce didn’t taste light and I liked the corkscrew pasta. There was broccoli included which made me feel better about eating a frozen dinner and I felt full after finishing it. It was a good sized serving for 8 P+. I would definitely buy this one in the future to bring to work for lunch or keep in the freezer for a night I didn’t have time to cook.

 The Final Verdict: Of course as a food blogger and lover of cooking I still prefer a home cooked meal, but for nights when cooking isn’t an option, these Satisfying Selections provide a pretty filling dinner that’s ready in five minutes! I will definitely buy these again (especially the alfredo one) and probably try the other flavors as well: Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry, Chicken with Broccoli & Cheese and Sesame Chicken.

Want to try it for yourself? THREE lucky winners will each receive two coupons for a free bag!

I’m giving you FOUR possible entries to win:

Entry: “Like” the Smart Ones Facebook Page and leave a comment there with the Satisfying Selections entrée you’re most excited to try. Make sure to tell them you’re entering the giveaway on emilybites.com (feel free to tag my Facebook page in the post)! Then post a comment below (on this post) to let me know you did.
Bonus Entry: Become a fan of Emily Bites on Facebook and leave a second comment below (here, not on Facebook) letting me know you did. If you are already a fan, you can say that instead!
Extra Bonus Entry: Follow @emilybitesblog on Twitter and leave a third comment below letting me know you did.
Double Extra Bonus Entry: Follow emilybitesblog on Pinterest to have access to my top picks of the web and leave a post below letting me know you did.

Note: Please make sure you enter your name and email address when commenting so I will have a way to contact you if you win! Also, be sure to leave a separate comment below for each entry to maximize your chances of winning!

That’s five potential chances for each of you to win! Winners will be selected by random.org on Thursday, November 17th at 6:00 PM EST. Enter below and it could be you – good luck!

The winners have been chosen! Out of 61 comments, random.org selected the following winners: Lori D (loridunagan), Jessica Y (jyoung9788) and Jessica C (jcap611). I will be contacting each of you by email shortly!

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who entered!

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