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Nov 14

New WW Points Program 2022/2023

New WW Points Program 2022/2023 graphic

Hello, friends! Starting this week there is an all-new WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) program they’re just referring to as Points (rather than previous iterations like PersonalPoints, SmartPoints, PointsPlus, etc). Since I have a lot of readers who follow the WW program, I wanted to put together a post outlining some of the details of the new plan.

It looks like WW is giving current members until December 11th to choose to switch to the new WW Points program before the change will happen automatically. That’s nice because if you’d like to wait until your weigh-in day to start the new program, or just want to get through Thanksgiving on a familiar plan, you don’t have to make the change right away.

If you’ve done WW in the past, this new program will likely look somewhat familiar to you in that it’s very similar to the previous Freestyle or Blue plans. If you’re just here for the tasty lightened up comfort food recipes and not interested in WW, don’t worry, I’ll be posting more recipes soon!

Let’s dive into the new program.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue?

As I said above, if you were a WW member between December 2017 – November 2021 then this new WW Points program will look very familiar. The ZeroPoint foods list will now be the same for many members (diabetic members will have a slightly different list – more info below) and will look pretty much the same as it was on the previous WW Freestyle or WW Blue plans (I believe adding air-popped popcorn and cottage cheese). It also seems like the lowest daily points allowance for members will go back to 23 daily points (same as it was on Freestyle/Blue). The biggest difference between the new Points program and those earlier plans is that it will continue to use the Points calculation/formula that was used to determine PersonalPoints.

Back to One(ish) Plan

For many years, everyone who counted points using WW was on the same plan. At the end of 2019 they split the program into three different color plans, each with their own list of ZeroPoint foods. Then a year ago they individualized it even further by introducing PersonalPoints, where every member had their own personalized ZeroPoint foods list. I did hear frustration from some members during this time that they felt it was more difficult to find and share meals, recipes, and foods with others on the program.

It seems like WW has decided to regain that sense of community for its members and get many members back on the same plan. However, diabetic WW members will have a slightly different ZeroPoint food list, so some of my recipes moving forward will list two different Points values per serving. Here are the ZeroPoint food lists for both the standard and diabetic Points plans:

Standard ZeroPoint Foods:

So, what foods will be ZeroPoints? On the standard new Points plan the ZeroPoint foods will be:

  • non-starchy vegetables
  • fruits
  • eggs
  • plain nonfat yogurt and cottage cheese
  • fish and shellfish
  • chicken and turkey breast
  • beans, peas, and lentils
  • tofu and tempeh
  • corn and plain air-popped popcorn

That means if you previously had brown rice, or avocado, or wheat pasta, or potatoes as ZeroPoints, those will no longer be zero. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat them anymore (you can use your Points allowance however you like!), but you will have to count points for them. If you did lose some items on your ZeroPoint foods list, you’ll likely see that your daily points allowance went up to accommodate eating and tracking some of those foods.

If you now have more ZeroPoint foods than you did on PersonalPoints, you’ll likely see that your daily points allowance has gone down. While you will have less daily points to use, you’ll now have more ZeroPoint foods, so WW is expecting you’ll incorporate these foods into your diet more frequently to offset the difference.

Diabetic Plan

There will still be a separate ZeroPoint food list for diabetics. If you select that you are diabetic in your WW settings you will not have fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, or corn/popcorn as zero points. Though diabetic members will not have those ZeroPoint food categories, they will have a higher daily points allowance to balance it out! The ZeroPoint foods for the diabetic Points plan will be:

  • non-starchy vegetables
  • eggs
  • fish and shellfish
  • chicken and turkey breast
  • beans, peas, and lentils
  • tofu and tempeh

Points Formula:

Although WW is moving on from their PersonalPoints program to the new Points plan, their formula for calculating points is remaining the same. The points are calculated using calories, fiber, protein, added sugars, saturated fats and unsaturated fats. The algorithm is intended to help guide you toward foods higher in healthy fats, fiber, and protein and lower in added sugars and saturated fats.

Changes in Earning Additional Points

On the most recent PersonalPoints plan there were three ways to earn additional points: eating vegetables, drinking water, and being active. Gaining points for veggies and water were both new last year for PersonalPoints and both are gone again for the new Points program. The only way to gain more points on the new plan is to track activity. As always, how many you earn will depend on the activity as well as your height weight, age, etc. You’ll be able to track activity manually or passively using a compatible fitness tracker, same as previously. These points can be earned on an unlimited basis and will be added to your weekly points budget rather than your daily budget.

What’s The Same

Change can be difficult and every time a new WW program is introduced there are members who feel stressed or unhappy about it. Because this new Points program is so similar to some of the previous plans I’ve also heard a lot of member are happy with the changes, but if that’s not you then I totally understand. If it makes you feel better, the overall method of WW is the same and here’s a list of things that are staying familiar:

  • The Points formula will remain the same, so many of your favorite foods (that weren’t ZeroPoints) will still have the same Points value.
  • The nutrition information from each food item is turned into one simple number, making it easy to evaluate the food’s overall nutrition and track it in the app.
  • You’ll still get a daily points budget along with a weekly points budget to use as you like.
  • Rollover points will also stay the same, so if you don’t use all of your daily Points one day, up to four unused points will be rolled over into your weekly points budget.
  • There will still be ZeroPoint foods that you can use to make sure you never go hungry. You can use these foods as a base for meals, eat them as a snack, or add them to meals that need a little bulk.

How will this affect the recipes on Emily Bites?

The great news is that if you’re a USA-based WW member, you’ll still be able to click on the WW link in each of my blog posts to view your new Points in the WW app! The WW app will show you the points per serving for whichever program you’re on, so once you make the switch it will show you the updated points values. From there you can track and save the recipe, and once you do you can also make changes to it within the WW app if you wish.

You can check out my recipe index here to look for WW-friendly recipes by category or ingredient! You can also just click on the All Recipes category to browse through them all!

One of the nice things about this change is that I’ll be able to start posting the actual number of Points per serving on my recipe posts and social media again! This will definitely be helpful at-a-glance for WW members to know how a recipe will fit into their meal planning and also for international WW members who have not been able to see their points through my US-based WW links. Hooray!

I will definitely post the new Points values for my recipes moving forward and will work on updating my previous recipe posts with the new Points per serving. This definitely isn’t going to happen overnight (I have almost 800 recipes on here), but I will work on it as quickly as I’m able!

As far as people using the diabetic plan having different ZeroPoint foods and therefore different Points values for recipes containing those foods, I will work on getting those listed as well! Again, if you have chosen the diabetic WW plan in the app then when you click the links in my recipe posts it will show you the correct Points per serving for your plan in the WW app.

So…what do you think??

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new Points program. What are you excited for? Nervous about? I want to hear what you think! Give me a comment below. Also, if you don’t already, make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or by email to get updates and tons of delicious WW-friendly lightened up comfort food recipes!

Thank you so much for being here and for following my blog and cooking along with me! You are all so important to me. A lot of my readers follow the WW program, but for those of you who don’t, thanks for your patience while I explained these changes to the WW folks – I’ll keep listing nutrition information for everyone else! We’ll be back to recipes with the next post, I promise. Love you guys, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


84 comments on “New WW Points Program 2022/2023”

  1. Thanks for the information! You have when you are discussing getting points for water & vegetables – you say that you will no longer be able to get points for activity and that you will still be able to get points if you track activity. I think you mean to say you won’t be able to get points for tracking vegetables.

    As a current WW member, I’m disappointed with the changes – I lost weight on the color plans in the past so I know I’ll be fine but I really liked having some starches (whole wheat pasta and potatoes) as zero point foods.

    • I’m not happy with the ww change. So frustrating. I liked my potatoes and sweet potatoes, and now I have to count them!! And I can’t eat the pop Corn. Really

    • I liked being able to add veggies to daily points. I rejoined WW in December 2021 and I like the 2021 2021 plan better than the Freestyle program.

    • Emily, thank you for explaining the program better than I have found it explained by anyone else so far. We are so lucky to have you working so hard for all of us.

  2. I agree with Angie. I’m not happy at all with the changes, primarily because having brown rice and whole wheat pasta and other similar whole grains as zero point foods is one of the reasons I felt I could commit to the program. I went on WW in July and have lost 23 pounds so it is working for me! The whole grains, while healthy and filling, will be a lot of points– up around 5 for a serving. It essentially turns what was/is a practical and balanced diet for me into a carb free diet– which for me will be difficult to follow, especially since I work out 7 days a week including strength training. If I have to start worrying about using up points on healthy carbs, it’s going to be a problem. I hope WW will allow anyone that wants to, to stay on the old program, otherwise, I think I will probably cancel my membership.

    • I SO agree with you and Angie! Having brown rice, legumes and whole wheat pasta as free foods made the whole plan do-able and seem like more of a “normal,” balanced way of eating. And I did well losing weight. Am very disappointed that PP wasn’t around for longer.

    • Agreed! It’s amazing how quickly the Personal Points Program was replaced by a one size fits all food list which eliminated some of the foods that drew people to the WW program. I’m disappointed that for those that saw success with the PPP, they didn’t give the option to stick with it on the app, like with similar changes in the past.

  3. The longer your on WW you know that they continually change the program. I’m in Canada and they roll out the changes in the USA before we change. Just do you best with the changes. Get support if needed. Good Luck on your weight loss journey. 

    • I am not happy at all with these changes….from someone who struggled eating vegetables, now no incentive…I will continue to drink water because I have now made it a habit, but won’t push to get to 60 ounces….. and now I can’t enjoy a potato or brown rice…and don’t say I can, just count the points… I will not have enough points…why try and make it the same for everyone… everyone is not the same….I joined in June and lost  23 pounds…because this plan could work for me… now I will feel like I am being punished to eat… I hope I don’t have to dropout and do on my own…I like the commaraderi at the meeting, but if doesn’t work  for me…I won’t pay for it now to work

  4. Thanks for update information!

    I’ve been a weight watcher fort 11 years! And lifetime for 10! 

    These change’s happen and I’ve learned to learn them and deal with them.
    Happily I’ve only had to pay three times when at my monthly weigh-ins we’re over goal! 
    I can remember what my weight was before WW.

    Change doesn’t kill me! 

    We can do this! 

  5. Thanks for all you do! I love your recipes. I’m in Canada and looking forward to the changes.

    • I really dislike not having brown rice or potatoes as a 0 point option. I rarely eat popcorn so that trade is not worth it. The amount of points in 1 cup is a lot. I don’t eat nonfat cottage cheese or nonfat yogurt. Using points for healthy options is difficult when they used to be free. They need to tweak their one size fits all plan

  6. The new program is not vegan friendly.   Having zero point eggs/fish/chicken/yogurt doesn’t help me one bit!

    • Agreed!  It’s time for WW to come up with a plan that’s vegan and vegetarian friendly!

    • I agree!

    • Agreed! I am vegetarian who tries to eat mostly vegan, but while on WW I was buying way more animal products than usual – eggs, yogurt, and cottage cheese. My vegan teenager said it made no sense to him that if I add eggs to a recipe, that is zero points, but if I sub ground flaxseed, it adds points. Ground flaxseed is so healthy and let’s be honest, nobody is overeating flaxseed the way they might overeat other nuts and seeds. I also think that if eggs are zero points, it would make sense for Just Egg to be zero points. This way you could sub Just Egg in all egg based scrambles and frittatas on the WW website. I mean, you could do that anyway and just choose how you’re going to follow the plan, but it would be nice if they put some time and research into it.

  7. I am not at all happy with the new changes. As a type 2 diabetic, the program is already restrictive enough with having to track foods that would otherwise be Zero points. Now they are taking back adding a few points a day for vegetables? That’s what made the program bearable for me. 

  8. I finally found a WW point system that works for me. PP was a structured system with flexibility. It’s working for me and I don’t feel like I’m on a diet. Now it’s back to the old way that is one size fits everybody. Low carb and low fat. It’s so hard to do both at the same time. It’s back to starving all day or back to looking for something else. I don’t care about recipe points. It’s so easy to put them in the recipe builder but I guess that’s what everyone complained about. 

  9. Hi, Emily! Great reporting & explanation. I’ve been a lifetime member for years and a leader in the past for WW. I’m aware that they change their plans every couple years, but am disappointed that they changed this plan so soon. I was doing great on the plan & it was one of the easiest to follow. I have always been a water drinker, but having the incentive to drink it and gain an extra point was a wonderful surprise. Also, because I am a Pescatarian, my zero point list foods fit into my lifestyle and aided in my weight loss to a high degree along with the non-starchy vegetables adding extra points. Sometimes if it ain’t broke, it don’t need fixen & WW tends to fix things rather than leaving well enough alone. The foods I enjoyed daily that were zero points have all been eliminated and will now cost me in points. My daily points & weekly allowance only increased by three which isn’t very much and I’m concerned won’t fit into my lifestyle, though I am active, but those points won’t make up the difference. I will do the new plan, but wish we were given the choice to remain on the one I signed up for this past September when I returned to WW after moving back to NY, losing weight at every weigh-in & am at my goal weight. My success will continue because I am determined, but am concerned that holding steady will be more challenging than expected. I know change happens, but not always is it easy to adapt to it. Everyday life has its challenges and it was nice to have that one constant in it where I was able to turn to a food list that was free and satisfying…and now will have a point price to pay. I wish all my fellow WW members and those that will join in the future much success in their journey to a healthy lifestyle. We are all winners and on the same path to good health & living. The plan works if you work the plan.

  10. I am so happy for the change! I joined WW in Sept. 2020 and lost 76 lbs and got to goal in Nov. 2021 following the Blue Plan and then Purple. Then they changed to Personal Points. I have not been at my goal weight since. Personal Points did not work for me. I really don’t think rewarding anyone with points for eating is a good idea, even if it is veggies! The new plan is just like Blue for me and I feel like I can get back to goal without feeling deprived!

    • Agree! So happy for the change… I’ve been at lifetime since 5/20 and really struggled to maintain on the personal points plan. I hope everyone dies well on this new plan!

    • Yes I absolutely agree! I love the change back to the blue plan! I lost 75lbs on that plan and when they changed to the Personal Points Plan, I would gain more than I would lose and I was not happy with it so I’m very excited for the change and cannot wait to go back to the blue plan and get to my 100 charm! 

    • I am with you 100%. I’m lifetime and I RE- joined in 2020 and lost 65lbs. I went from Blue to purple. Then the plan changed and it’s been a disaster since. I wasn’t able to loosen
       anymore ( I just Needed to loose 5-10 lbs more).  And I’ve slowly Gained back 20 lbs. I’m still working to program but it just wasn’t working for me. I just recently reset my PP to the lowest zero point food amount. Very similar to what they have gone to here. Popcorn and cottage cheese have changed to zero
      Points now for me. I am very happy with this “new” program. 

  11. Thank you so, so much for this information. I have been watching YouTube videos and reading extensively about the new program, wondering if I should rejoin. Your post is the most thorough, complete post I have read on the new plan. You gave us facts instead of droning on and on with opinion. I am glad I accidentally found this post. Thanks again. I will be following you from now on!

  12. Finally, WW screwed their head back on. I loved the Blue Program. Then they started to fiddle with it. I then threw in the towel and moved on to Healthi. There the Better Balance is like the Blue. Points and all. Now people will once again be able to loose weight and. be able to keep it off.

  13. I have been a WW member for years and have seen a lot of changes.  I have learned to adapt to them all.  I will miss having brown rice as a zero point food, but I will still eat it and will use my weeklies, if necessary.  If I work the program, WW works for me.  

  14. I am so happy about the new plan. I didn’t like PP because it was so hard to share recipes and food. I mean, we all still tried, but it was unnecessarily complicated. While I was on Green before the change to PP, I had done Blue for a while also, so I’m excited to go back. And yay! My egg whites are still “free” so I’m even happier!

    Thanks for the breakdown. I love your site and recipes so much, especially because you have great options that even my picky hubby enjoys. 

  15. Thank You!!  I’m thrilled it’s going to be like freestyle again. I lost 50 pounds in that. And it was so easy to follow. 

  16. Thank you Emily for your excellent introduction to the “new” WW Program.  I didn’t find the info WW put out yesterday very enlightening, but your explanation was very helpful.  We’ve been WW members for almost 7 years and I’ve been at goal for 5.5 years.  
        Both my husband and I are members and we use your recipes frequently to help keep us on track.  You do a wonderful job and we appreciate your hard work and creativity.  
        The Personal Points Program that is going away was excellent for us and we are sad to see it go, however we will keep moving forward.  I’m sure there will be lots of discussion at our meeting tomorrow night.

  17. I am losing on personal points but I loved the blue and was doing very well on it when they changed. I am happy for one plan. Although changes come to WW, I am never disappointed. Their Plans are healthy and they WORK!

  18. So excited! I have not been able to lose on PP. i had great success on the blue plan. I can hardly contain my excitement! Yipeeeeeee!

  19. Well, food for thought! I’m not sure how I will do on the new food plan. I’ve lost 68 pounds on my blue plan and I’m sure I’ll be alright on the new program but I’m sorry whole wheat pasta etc. are no longer zero points. Since back surgery I walk 3-5miles per day so more activity points is great. I think I’ll keep an open mind and keep tracking.

  20. I am really happy with the changes. I lost almost 30 lbs on the Freestyle program and have STRUGGLED with the noew programs since. I had gained all of my weight back because I had health issues and I am really hoping I can lose it again with the new Points program. Freestyle was easy to follow and I never went without.

    It was so difficult to try and find recipes from other WW users, not to mention try to talk to others on WW. My father is also on the program (to lose only 10 lbs) but it was so hard to try to explain to him why my points were different than his.

    Excited for the change!

  21. I am very grateful for your explanation of the changes; thank you! I’m a lifelong member and changes have been hard fir me, especially this last time when my daily points dropped from 23 to 17. I’d been successful the way it was, and was angry and frustrated by what I felt was a more restrictive plan. I gained weight and I quit. With this change, I’m hopeful again that I can eat well and maintain a healthy weight. Thanks again!

  22. Thank you for your easy to understand explanation of the new program, you have done a much better job than Weight Watchers itself has done.
    I just joined in October because of the flexibility of the program. I have lost weight so far.
     I’m unhappy with the changes, with whole wheat pasta and brown rice no longer being zero points.  I bought a variety to stock my cupboard with as they were a staple in my evening meals. I don’t know if I can “afford “ those points now and I feel those are dollars I have wasted in a tough economy. I feel that Weight Watchers should have warned new members that this change was coming and it’s left me with a bad feeling towards them.

    • This totally blindsided me, I joined last year. I heard rumors that Weight Watchers heard rumors that Weight Watchers was rolling out a new program this month, but why didn’t the Workshop Leaders inform us about it.

    • I wish I had an answer for you! I likewise feel it’s weird that WW didn’t really give any official notice that this was coming.

  23. Losing the extra points for adding non-starchy veggies doesn’t bother me. I am however bummed about losing that extra point for water. I struggle BIG TIME when it comes to drinking enough water. There were so many days I drank more water (even when I didn’t want to) to earn that point. I don’t understand how giving us that incentive and encouragement to drink more water was a bad thing. 

  24. I’m not happy with the ww change. So frustrating. I liked my potatoes and sweet potatoes, and now I have to count them!! And I can’t eat the pop Corn. Really

    • I just ran across this blog and have been reading all the comments stating dissatisfaction with the current changes to the WW Program (2022/23).  I agree with most commenters. I’ve been a lifer since 1970 and I’m still at it.  I don’t change how I eat when WW changes their program.  I stick with the plan that works for me and I also don’t even use their app. anymore.  I use healthi. Just do what works for you and find support groups accordingly.  Reddit, FB, etc.  Good luck to every fighting the fight!!

  25. A wish come true!!!!! In my opinion this makes much more sense. I love WW and was so successful with the blue plan! I’m excited!!!!

  26. How do you use the wwcalucator to determine the points value for meals like dinners you buy or single items I had my calculators from smart points and points plus etc.

  27. Absolute rubbish! I have lost a bit over 35 pounds with potatoes being a stable of my personal points. I will be quitting this new plan and sticking to what has worked for me without going hungry. This may work for some, but I am not putting myself through another “fabulous” WW change again as it has done in many episodes in the past. I will save $15 a month to spend on the increased price of food.

  28. I love personal points and have lost a lot of weight on it. As someone who is allergic to half of those new zero point foods, I am not impressed. I will be canceling.

  29. It’s absolutely rediculous that the only zero grain is corn. The single most industrially produced grain on the planet. It’s also quite funny to look at the zero grain list on the app. The photo above the list of “Corn and Popcorn” is a photo of quinoa. I am just going to keep eating my quinoa but count it as corn.

  30. I hate the changes. I have lost 20 lbs still eating potatoes. I will cancel this subscription. I don’t think I should be charged for something that wasn’t what I signed up for. 

  31. It is not a user friendly plan. It feels like they are playing a game. Their zero point foods which they ask you to use as the basis for your meal planning are not foods I can eat for health reasons. That leaves me with very little to chose from and I can see myself getting very board very quickly…..
    I never though it was that difficult to exchange recipes. 
    I understand WW is having problems, not surprising 

  32. Thanks so much for the concise update.
    I appreciate your hard work. I am not sure about the new plan but willing to try. I loved green.
    It would be great if you would create a broth based vegetable soup with corn, peas, carrots and optional chicken breast. It is finding a good seasoning combination that I need help. Maybe one soup with different types of seasoning options
    Enjoy your family during the Thanksgiving holidays. My family will be having several of your recipes for Thanksgiving weekend including the pizza dip for a Saturday football party

    • Back in the day the WW  0 Point soup options included adding flavoring as follows:
      Italian seasons — add seasonings and maybe some low pt tomato sauce
      Mexican – change out seasonings to Mexican style  (ie chili and cumin), add fresh or canned salsa into the soup (salsa verde (green)!
      Asian – add Asian style seasonings, such as toasted sesame oil
      This really worked for me.

  33. Can I – in the new program – choose if I will change acitivity to points? I like to reg my acitivity but I don’t want to change it for points.
    So happy that you will change the program – I don’t like how it works now.
    I was on green from my beginning and the new program 2022 ruined my weight loss totally.
    So I look forward to the new 2023

  34. My app doesn’t show the new plan.  I have made sure my app is updated…I have logged out and back in. I have deleted the app and reinstalled.  Still the personal points plan with avocados zero.  
    Any ideas?   Help!

    • Sorry, I definitely can’t do any tech support for the WW app! If you’re in the US you should have the option to update to the new plan, so I’d reach out to customer support at WW. I know it has been buggy, but they may be able to troubleshoot some ideas for you.

      You could also try logging into the WW site through your browser to see if it will update there and then checking back to see if your app reflects the change.

  35. THANK YOU for sharing this. It’s more than what WW shared. Not even an email to say changes were coming.

  36. I was just thinking of returning to WW when this plan rolled out (Lifetime but over goal).
    Customer service told me the only way I could get info on the new plan was to subscribe for a 3 month minimum, currently a $90 promo. That’s not doable for me.
    WW is totally app driven now and apparently there are no more paper materials.
    Is it ok to ask you:
    with 23 min points do you still get 7 weekly flex points?
           (last ww plan I was on was 2017 but I don’t remember the plan.)
     I used to use online calculators – is there one you can recommend that fits with the new plan please? 
    Thank you.

    • The amount of daily and weekly points you get is determined by WW and your own weight/height/etc so unfortunately I can’t say what that would be for you! I get 23 points per day on the new plan with 28 weeklies but others get more or fewer depending on their own stats. I also am not familiar with any online calculators to determine points. I use the WW app. I’m sorry I can’t help!

      I would look for a better deal for WW. When I go to the site I am seeing way better deals than that. They have different membership levels based on whether you want to attend meeting or just do it online and the online level is much cheaper than what you were offered.

  37. I agree. Actually wondering what the harm will be just keeping on with potato, brown rice/pasta as zero anyway.
    The Purple plan worked the best for me of any WW plans for the last 20 years because that’s how I naturally want to eat.
    Those carbs were what made it so.

  38. Thank you, Emily!

  39. I was on weight watchers years ago and i left it. I went on it in January and lost 17 lbs – i have not been able to do this for years. Primarily – because i received earn points i would eat lots of vegetables. It taught me to eat as a healthy person. Now its been changed – i don’t know what to do. Why mess with something that is not broken. This is why i left it in the first place when i first started this years ago. I may have to figure out a way to work my own APP or something so i can do the old program. it makes me sad.

  40. I used to have 18 points a day, and being able to earn extra points for veggies and water kept me motivated to do so. Now I have 23 points! I think I’m just going to continue to the mindset that I only have 18 points and if I want to earn extra points I will have to keep drinking water and eating more veggies. 

    I’ve lost 42 pounds since March of 2021, so I’m sticking with WW regardless of the changes.

  41. I just checked on the app and I am VERY confused Brown Rice went from ZERO points to 6 points for 1 cup and White Rice is 6 points for 1 cup. If WW now has brown and white rice as the same point value for 1 cup how the heck was brown rice very a zero point food?

  42. I was so happy with the PP plan …. and I was finally losing weight …. and now it’s one size fits all …. when in real life … it is not. I am very disappointed in WW’s not keeping this around longer. I don’t know why they did this …. all they have to do is listen to the comments of the people losing.

  43. I’m excited for the change. Change is the only thing that’s constant in life so everyone should just accept it and do their best. Sure, I enjoyed having zero point potatoes, but you can still incorporate them into your points. I’ve done WW for 3 years and I’ve lost over 100lbs. I never feel like I’m missing out on foods. I’ve learned to eat to live, not live to eat. Good luck everyone!

  44. Hi, I get tired of the constant changes just because they have to come up with something different every year. I’m just going to stay with my plan where the potatoes are “free”. It works well and I lose well on it. I’ll just use that entire program. It has nearly everything that I usually eat as free foods! 

  45. WW was a true success for many including myself back when they used only the daily points system. I am NOT a fan of the new program nor have I been a fan of WW changes. Why cant they stay with one plan that was simple and worked. I have my points calculater from back in the day and go back to using that only. The new changes and plans are a waste of my money and confusing.

  46. Do you guys see your changes already? I don’t see anything! I don’t even get a pop up that changes are coming?

  47. I had my best success with Points Plus, back in the good old days! I am restarting after several years away so that I can be eligible for knee replacement surgery. (They’re super strict on the BMI requirements, especially when you’re younger, like I am.) I am hoping that it works for me, but I am now older and have a worsening metabolism with menopause. We’ll see!

  48. While I do like the change, I also think WW is ridiculous for changing all the time. Of course that’s going to throw people for a loop! It felt like a kick in the pants when they switched the last time. It takes a lot of work to change the way you eat and then they want members to adjust to something different every couple years or less. I say if you were losing while eating wheat pasta, brown rice and potatoes then keep doing what you’ve been doing. If it worked it’s not going to quit working just because WW changed the rules.

  49. I am not happy with the new plan. I too liked potato, sweet potato and wheat pasta which they eliminated. The points for these are now quite high. They did add fruits but fruits do not fill me up. I was OK using my points for fruit. I cancelled but they allowed me a free month but I know the plan will not work for me because the free foods are not filling/enjoyable enough for me. Too bad, I was enjoying the journey but am quite sure I will cancel once the free time is over.

  50. TBH, I didn’t care one way or the other that the plan changed, AGAIN. Previously I did the blue plan and was successful, but the whole switching colors thing had me so confused that I never tried the other 2 colors. If the Personal Points worked for you with having potatoes and ww pasta as zero points, continue eating them and don’t track them (assuming you continue to eat the same amounts you ate when successful). Many people don’t track their zero points foods (I do just so I know what I’ve eaten) so it wouldn’t change anything. The most frustrating part of WW is the number of times they have changed plans. I don’t know how the the focus groups are chosen to decide if a plan should be changed and to what it should be changed to, but it sure doesn’t seem like they ask anyone with a WW membership. For those who are canceling their memberships, there is a free app called Healthi (formerly itrackbites) that mimics the WW app for points and tracking (also has a scanner with a large food catalog) so you can stay on your weight loss journey. If you really don’t want to continue with WW, this is a good option. Good luck to all!

  51. Hi. I cannot find an answer to this question anywhere. What is the maximum number of weekly points you can accumulate by rolling over daily points?  Is there a limit at which it maxes out?

  52. I was extremely angry when they changed the plan midstream. I cancelled immediately because I didn’t want them to get one more dime. I did great with my personal zero point foods and loved the app. I used a big salad at lunch to get points back and thoroughly enjoyed having avocado and whole wheat pasta for zero points. Doing it now on my own. 

  53. Someone asked me if you use your weeklies points, how do you get the blue dot? I understand that WW wants you to not go over more than 10 points of your daily points. . So if they decided to use 12 of their weeklies one day, will they still get a blue dot? Keeping the blue dot streak going is very important to a lot of people on the program. Thanks!

    • I think that would be a question to ask the WW support chat! I personally do not care at all about the blue dots and don’t pay attention to them at all, so I don’t have an answer for you. When I am on plan it is much more liveable for me to spread my weeklies out however I want and it has never been a problem for weight loss. If I want to save them all for one or two days each week, great. If I want to eat a few every day, great. My life is not the same every day, so I don’t expect myself to eat the same number of points every day. I understand not everyone feels that way, and getting the blue dot every single day is something others strive for, it’s just not something I personally pay attention to overall.

  54. Thanks for this. The app just made me update and avocados disappeared. I’m on the diabetic plan , I like that the plan changed, it’s less confusing but I do wish avocado was zero since that’s a Staple for me since I have to be low carb. Thanks for outlining it! 

  55. I don’t understand why people who still want to eat the zero point carbs just don’t keep eating them and still count them as zero. Just because they say you have to count them as points doesn’t mean you have to. Just keep up what you were doing if it worked. Problem solved…

  56. I miss the zero point avacados, wheat pasta and a few other zero food on the PP. I do t mind change, but it has to make sense. Some of the current recipes are TO ME unappetizing.  And if I’m going to do carb free, the keto communiy has much better recipes.

  57. I joined WW *because* of the new plan, not *despite* it. I gave up on WW back in the late 90s and again in the early 2010s because I had to do all my own calculations and I found time-consuming and confusing. But now, I love the app and use it all the time. I exercise 7 days a week, and earn up to 20 points back because of that. I’ve lost 5 lbs in 8 weeks (this includes a week’s vacation where I didn’t pay quite as much attention to my food intake as I should have), and now only have 10-15 to go. I’d lost 35 lbs a few years back on a plan that was, for me, unsustainable over the long run, and gained back almost half of that. But the new WW works for me and, by the time I’m done, I’ll have lost a total of 47 lbs.

  58. I went to WW in the early 1980s and I was most successful then. We had a food plan and no points. I found that original booklet and have been following it. Today, I am 5 points below my goal weight, but I want to lose another 4 or 5 lbs since I am no longer 5:10″. I think I will just keep doing what I have been doing since I did lose 50 lbs. I have been through so many changes with the WW Program over the years and many times, I did not lose weight at all and kept going up and down. Changing to a new program was always confusing and often resulted in a weight gain. I always felt that WW makes the changes just to lure old members back to see if this new version will actually work for them. I was surprised that I cannot find the points on the WW frozen meals.

  59. Am I able to filter/search your recipes by points per serving? 

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