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Dec 24

First Post!

I’m really excited to kick off my blog with my first official post! About two months ago I realized it would be much easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle if I really, truly enjoyed the foods I was eating, and that this meant I was going to have to start learning to cook. Since my cooking experience at the time consisted mostly of boiling water and microwaving frozen meals I was a bit tentative, but I was surprised and pleased when I realized that finding recipes and creating healthy and delicious meals was a whole lot easier than I’d thought!

I’ve developed a real excitement and passion for cooking in the past two months and also for sharing the results with my friends and family. I’ve been taking photos of each dish I created and when I started getting requests for the recipes I thought creating a blog would be the easiest way to share my kitchen moving forward.
Over the next week or two I plan to start by “back-blogging” about the recipes I’ve already made and photographed in the past two months. Some of them were wonderful and I don’t want them to be left out! Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you get some great ideas for recipes you’d like to make in your own home. Happy cooking!

8 comments on “First Post!”

  1. I’ve tried “unhealthy & delicious” or “healthy & eh”. I’m looking forward to following your search for “healthy & delicious”. Need a taster?

  2. YUM! Thanks for creating this blog. Can’t wait to try the recipes!

  3. Emily! I am so excited for you! To go from not cooking at all to making all these wonderful dishes is quite an accomplishment. You go girl! I am looking forward to trying out some of them.

  4. YUM! These recipes look amazing, can’t wait to try some out! Going to the grocery store tomorrow!

  5. I just found your blog tonight and referred some of the WW gals over to see it… hope it brings you some more traffic! As I was reading through, I didn’t realize that this is a BRAND new venture for you until I came to this first post… congrats, I think it’s coming along splendidly! Can’t wait to try some of them and see what you post in the future! Oh, and I cut and pasted 12 to print at a later time… 12 out of 39 to satisfy my taste and the tastes of my family is impressive!

  6. Thanks for your encouragement everyone! It’s exciting for me to discover that there are so many yummy recipes out there that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle. The fact that I can eat all of these delicious dishes and still lose weight really helps me stay on track – I don’t feel like I’m making any sacrifices!

    Whitten – I’m glad so many of the recipes sparked your interest & I hope you love them once you’ve made them! Let me know what you think. 🙂

  7. WOW, I am so impressed with this Blog! I can’t wait to try some of your recipes…I’ve been looking for some healthy yummy meals to help me continue on my journey. I’m only about 5# away from my WW Goal for the 2nd time now…and this is perfect timing because I’m struggling and also these will come in handy after. I was so excited earlier when I found your blog that I’ve spread the word thru my Etools Friends and a few of the WW Meeting Friends/Members tonight. Thank you doing this, there are so many people out here that really appreciate your hard work!

  8. Thanks for the great feedback and for spreading the word. More importantly, CONGRATULATIONS for being only 5 lbs away from your goal! That’s great, and I hope making some tasty recipes will help you lose those last five. You can do it!

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