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May 05

National Hummus Day + a Giveaway (contest closed)!

National Hummus Day + a Giveaway!

One of the benefits of being part of Sabra’s 2014 Tastemakers Panel* is that I get the jump on all the hot hummus news. What kind of hummus news you ask? Well, did you know that Thursday, May 15th is National Hummus Day? What a perfect excuse to indulge in one of my favorite foods!

To celebrate the big day, Sabra is giving away a ton of awesome prizes (including one right here), and it’s super easy to enter to win! One lucky Emily Bites reader will win 5 coupons for free hummus and a $50 Visa gift card from Sabra! You can use it to throw your own hummus party – yum. To enter, just leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite flavor of Sabra hummus! Mine has always been the Roasted Pine Nut, but I just tried the new Olive Tapenade flavor and it may be a tie! You can enter now through May 15th and the winner will be selected at random from the comments below on May 16th.

National Hummus Day Sabra Giveaway

Looking for more ways to win? Sabra is also hosting giveaways on all of their social media channels! Here are your options:

  • Facebook: For 24 hours on 5/15 you can visit the Sabra Facebook page and get Hummus Day coupons and a free e-book, Hummus for Dummies
  • Twitter & Instagram: Sabra will be giving 10 lucky winners a prize pack including Sabra swag, free Sabra coupons and a $100 Visa gift card! To enter, just post a photo of yourself with any Sabra product on 5/15 with the hashtag #HummusDay
  • Pinterest: This one you can get in on right away. Now through 5/15 Sabra will be running a “Pin It to Win It” campaign with opportunities to win free hummus, Sabra swag, and another $100 Visa gift card. Enter anytime through the 15th right here

Looking for a new favorite way to eat hummus? I can’t decide what mine is, actually. I love it as a dip with carrots, pretzels or broccoli, but I also love it as an ingredient. Here are a few non-traditional ways to eat hummus, for those who love it as much as I do:

Mediterranean Chicken Wraps:


Mediterranean Pasta in Creamy Feta Sauce:


Mediterranean Wonton “Cupcakes”:


How do you eat your hummus? Don’t forget to comment below with your favorite Sabra hummus flavor for a chance to win 5 coupons for free hummus and a $50 Visa gift card!

*I have partnered with Sabra as part of their 2014 Tastemakers Panel. I have been compensated for my time commitment to work with their product, however my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. 

551 comments on “National Hummus Day + a Giveaway (contest closed)!”

  1. Basil Pesto – yum!

  2. I love the supremely spicy hummus!!! So spicy… sooooo good!

  3. Spinach and artichoke!

  4. Roasted Red Pepper is our favorite!!

  5. Love the roasted red pepper hummus! Great with a side of raw veggies or multigrain chips!

  6. Roasted red pepper is my favorite! The basil pesto looks amazing! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for that flavor! Yay’

  7. Love the SunDried Tomato 🙂 tasty stuff

  8. My favorite flavor of hummus has got to be roasted garlic – I’ve basically grown up eating garlic flavored foods, so it just tastes like home. 🙂

  9. Love the Olive Tapenade!

  10. Roasted red pepper has always been my favorite Sabra Hummus flavor. The whole family loves it.

  11. Sabra Hummus is my favorite! It’s a toss up between the spinach artichoke and the spicy….or the olive…..or the roasted pine nut…..or…..!!!

  12. Love the roasted garlic hummus. It is really good with naan.

  13. Roasted red pepper!

  14. Roasted Pine-nut, but Basil Pesto runs a close, close, second!

  15. Sun Dried Tomato

  16. The roasted pine nut! Costco used to sell it in a huge tub and I would snack all week on it. Love it!!

  17. Spinach & Artichoke

  18. Love love love the Roasted Red Pepper one.

  19. I love the Supremely Spicy hummus. So delish and exactly the right amount of “kick”!

  20. My favourite flavour is definitely roasted red pepper but roasted garlic is a close second 🙂

  21. My favorite is Red Pepper Hummus. Love it with cut up veggies.

  22. I love the spicy hummus and garlic hummus!

  23. Sundried tomato!!

  24. Roasted garlic is my favorite! Can’t wait to try to Olive Tapenade.

  25. Roasted pine nut all the way!

  26. Roasted garlic!!!! I am never without it. Great with carrots, sliced cucumber, or pita chips!!

  27. Garlic hummus!! The more garlic the better!

  28. Tuscan Herb Garden Hummus!!!

  29. Just tried Basil Pesto at the Woman’s Show – it was fantastic!

  30. Roasted Pine Nut!!! So many ways I love to eat it: fresh veggies, spread on a wrap with grilled chicken, veggies, avocado, tomatoes, feta, and balsamic. Just to name a few.

  31. Roasted garlic! It was my supper tonight along with some pita chips.

  32. Have not met a hummus that I didn’t like….but olive tapenade is my latest favorite! 😉

  33. The plain/basic one. That way I can add in roasted red peppers, or spinach/garlic or sundried tomato, etc. I just take out what I need (a tbsp or so) and then do my own add in’s.

  34. It’s a tie between roasted red pepper and garlic but I see some really delicious sounding flavors in your post pictures!

  35. I love roasted red pepper hummus!

  36. Roasted red pepper

  37. Roasted pine nut!

  38. Roasted Red Pepper!

  39. My favorite hummus is the roasted pine nut!

  40. Roasted Garlic! Yum!

  41. Roasted garlic !!

  42. Roasted red pepper!

  43. Roasted garlic!

  44. Roasted pine nut!

  45. Roasted Garlic Hummus – heavenly!!!

  46. Basil pesto!

  47. My favorite sabra hummus is the roasted
    pine nut. Yummy

  48. Basil pesto is my favorite. I like it with chips or pretzels.

  49. Traditional all the way with fresh cut veggies…YUM!

  50. ANY Sabra flavor is my favorite. I love them all!

  51. My absolute favorite is roasted veggie…but I can’t find it near me! I’ve found it where my daughter lives & where my sister lives so I buy a few and gobble gobble gobble!!! Since it’s rare that I get it, then garlic or just plain! Yum!

  52. I love the Roasted Pine Nut to use on Pita chips!! 🙂

  53. Jalapeno! I like a little heat.

  54. I usually get the garlic but I want to try the supremely spicy. Just sounds like it would be awesome on a sandwich.

  55. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the roasted dried tomato hummus.

  56. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is my all-time favorite! 🙂 It’s so delicious!

  57. Roasted Garlic is my fav, but I really love them all!!

  58. I love the Roasted Red Pepper, just ate some today with my lunch!!

  59. Basil pesto is my new favorite!

  60. Love the supremely spicy but have a hard time finding it! Would love to see more flavors in my area.

  61. Plain!

  62. My favorite flavor is Roasted Red pepper, but my whole family practically lives on the roasted garlic- I have 3 tubs in the fridge right now! 🙂

  63. Olive Tapenade

  64. Go olive tampenade or go home, lol.

  65. Roasted garlic, but I’ll basically eat any kind of hummus that crosses my path!

  66. Sabra Hummus is my favorite brand. I like all the flavors but roasted pine nut and olive tapenade are my favorite.

  67. Roasted Red Pepper is delicious!

  68. I love the original!

  69. I love the roasted red pepper hummus!

  70. Spinach and Artichoke….yummy!!!

  71. roasted red pepper, hands down!

  72. The Tuscan Herb Garden Hummus is my favorite!

  73. Original for sure!

  74. Roasted red pepper, for sure!

  75. Sun dried tomato is the best!

  76. I Like their Spinach and Artichoke Hummus.

  77. Roasted red pepper!

  78. I love buying the huge tubs at Costco. I always love the roasted pine nut hummus.

  79. Roasted red pepper! I add a ton of sriracha to make it even more awesome!

  80. No question- roasted red pepper. Soooo good!

  81. I love just plain hummus with warm pita. 🙂

  82. Roasted garlic and Sun dried tomato!

  83. I love the supremely spicy! YUM!

  84. I love to slather the roasted red pepper hummus thickly on my fresh veggie wrap for lunch!

  85. Roasted Red Pepper is the best with Pita Chips. Me and my 2 year old love this as a snack.

  86. Olive!! Mmmm so good

  87. Sun Dried Tomato!!!!!

  88. Love the original! So creamy! Roasted Red Pepper is delish, too!

    Love the new site, Emily!!!

  89. I’m obsessed with the Supremely Spicy flavor!

  90. Sun dried tomatoe

  91. Roasted red peppers

  92. Roasted Pine Nuts!! Sometimes you feel like a nut!

  93. My favorite is Spinach and Artichoke. So yummy!

  94. Roasted red pepper!

  95. Roasted garlic sabra hummus is freaking amazing!

  96. I like Basil Pesto.

  97. Roasted garlic! or perhaps Basil Pesto.

  98. Roasted garlic!!

  99. I love the roasted red pepper flavor. It brings a little kick to the table.

  100. Roasted Pine Nut…yum. (Going to go get some out of the fridge now!)

  101. Supremely Spicy – yummy!

  102. Roasted red pepper!

  103. I’m gonna be boring and go with the traditional.

  104. Roasted Red Pepper!

  105. Roasted pine nut is my favorite!

  106. garlic!

  107. Roasted red pepper!

  108. Supremely Spicy!

  109. I love the Roasted red pepper and just plain!

  110. Roasted red pepper

  111. Roasted pine nut!,

  112. Roasted red pepper is my favorite

  113. Supremely spicy… Yum!

  114. I typically make my own hummus, however I have had the Sabra Roasted Pine Nut and it is yummy!

  115. Roasted Garlic is the best!!!!

  116. I love the roasted red pepper!!

  117. Roasted red pepper at the moment, but I love them all!

  118. Love the roasted pine nut hummus, too!

  119. Sabra supremely spicy hummus is so yummus!!

  120. I love the garlic hummus !!! Simply the best 🙂

  121. I love all but especially olive tapenade

  122. classic!

  123. Roasted red pepper! I eat it mostly everyday for lunch.

  124. Olive Tapenade is my favorite right now!

  125. The roasted pine nut and Greek olive are my favorites!

  126. Lemon hummus. Love it.

  127. The spinach and artichoke hummus is awesome!

  128. Spinach Artichoke is my favorite!

  129. Original! Nothing beats the classics

  130. Roasted Red Pepper is the best. Just started eating hummas. Didn’t know what I was missing. I eat with chips and on sandwiches. Yum!!!!

  131. Olive tapenade. Mmmm

  132. Roasted red pepper!!

  133. Roasted pine nut is my absolute fave, followed closely by roasted garlic!

  134. My fav is the roasted garlic, but I love the Pine Nut, too! Yummmm

  135. Hands down roasted red pepper!

  136. I love the supremely spicy hummus

  137. Roasted red pepper!

  138. The roasted pine nut is my fav

  139. My favorite is Sabra’s Roasted Red Pepper Hummus! YUM!

  140. The Roasted Red Pepper hummus and some Stacy’s pita chips are my go-to snack!

  141. The pesto hummus is my favorite!

  142. Roasted Red Pepper is my current favorite–although with free coupons, I could be persuaded to experiment with others!!

  143. Roasted red pepper,and it’s awesome in the Mediterranean chicken wraps!

  144. Roasted pine nut is da bomb!!

  145. My favorite flavor is definitely roasted red pepper!

  146. Roasted red pepper!

  147. Spinach Artichoke!

  148. I love Red Roasted Pepper but want to try several flavored. It’s hard to try a new flavor when you found one you really love!

  149. Roasted red pepper is the favorite in our house!

  150. Roasted pine nut, too Emily!

  151. My all time favorite is still the Sabra Classic Hummus!

  152. Supremely spicy hummus! I need the gigantic tubs back at Costco!

  153. I love the roasted garlic, but I really want to try the pine nut one!

  154. I love the Olive tapanade

  155. Roasted red pepper and sun dried tomato. Guarantee I would love the olive!!! Can’t wait to try it!

  156. I love the sun dried tomato!

  157. Roasted garlic mmmmmmmmmmmm

  158. roasted pine nut but need to try different ones

  159. Roasted Red Pepper

  160. Roasted Red Pepper!

  161. Mmm roasted pine nut!

  162. Spinach and artichoke!!

  163. Hummus giveaway!

  164. Supremely Spicy is where it’s at!! 🙂

  165. Roasted garlic or sundried tomato….they’re all fabulous!

  166. Sabra is the absolute best hummus in my opinion! My favorite used to be roasted garlic, then pine nut, but lately I have been loving the classic – I get the single cups and bring sliced english cucumber and a coco lite to dip and eat at work!

  167. Roasted Garlic!

  168. The Spinach and Artichoke Hummus sounds so good.

  169. The spicy with warm pita bread…yum!

  170. My favorite? Sundried Tomato!

  171. Yum! For me it’s a toss-up between the roasted red pepper and sun-dried tomato.

  172. Roasted red pepper is my favorite…but I haven’t tried a hummus I didn’t like!

  173. Roasted Red Pepper is the absolute best!!! 🙂 Spinach and Artichoke is a close second though.

  174. Never tried a flavor I didn’t like, but if I was picking my favorite it would have to be roasted garlic!!!

  175. The Spinach & Artichoke hummus ROCKS MY WORLD! I swear, you could put that stuff on road kill and I’d eat it! Well, not really, because I’m a vegetarian and um, that would be gross, but you know what I mean! I makes anything taste Y-U-M-M-Y! Yay S-A-B-R-A!

  176. My favorite is Roasted Red Pepper…yum!!!

  177. Roasted Pine Nut..delicious!

  178. It’s a tie between Roasted Garlic and Roasted Red Pepper

  179. Sun-dried tomato…an oldy but a goody!

  180. Love the roasted pine nut & the classic! Big hummus eaters here – we eat them with tortilla chips, pretzels, and pita chips.

  181. Roasted red pepper is delicioso!!!

  182. My favorite is Roasted Red Pepper!

  183. I love roasted red pepper!

  184. Olive tapenade, yummo!

  185. Roasted red pepper is definitely my #1 pick!

  186. My favorite hummus is the Olive Tapenade. Followed by the Spinach and Artichoke. I <3 Hummus! Happy Hummus Day!

  187. yummy roasted red pepper and cucumbers for dipping!

  188. My favorite has to be the spinach and artichoke!! Love that combination in anything. Reading these comments though I might have to try the roasted pine nut one!

  189. We love the roasted red pepper! My steak and potatoes husband even loves it!

  190. Supremely spicy!!

  191. Chipotle is my favorite.

  192. Basil pesto rules!!

  193. Supremely spicy!!!

  194. Tuscan Herb Garden is great:)

  195. Roasted Red Pepper!

  196. I love the garlic!!

  197. I like the roasted red pepper! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  198. Love the Tuscan Herb!!!! Taste like pizza sauce!

  199. Roasted Red Pepper is my favorite. Sun Dried Tomato is a close second.

  200. love the plain one and the roasted pine one!

  201. Roasted Red Pepper has always been my favorite but I may have to try some of the others.

  202. My favorite used to be sun dried tomato but I can’t find it at any of my local groceries anymore so now my go-to is roasted red pepper! Yum!

  203. Roasted Red Pepper!

  204. Hands down….Roasted Pine Nut 🙂

  205. Roasted Garlic!

  206. I love the spinach and artichoke.

  207. Sun dried tomato. ….yum!

  208. I like just about all of them!

  209. My all time fav is the roasted garlic. Delicious with endless possibilities.

  210. I like the Olive Tapenade.

  211. LOVE Sabra Hummus….my favorite is the Roasted Red Pepper…yummmy!

  212. Basil or Supremely Spicy- just depends on my mood! Delicious.

  213. Sun Dried Tomato

  214. I like the Tuscan Garden Hummus

  215. Roasted Red Pepper…YUM

  216. Roasted red pepper is the best!!

  217. Love the Olive Tapenade! Perfect balance of flavors.

  218. Roasted red pepper. This brand of hummus is by far my favorite.

  219. Olive tapenade!

  220. I feel a little boring, but original hits the spot!

  221. Olive Tapenade!

  222. Love Roasted Red Pepper with pita chips!

  223. Roasted red pepper is my favorite.

  224. I love hummus! Haven’t found a flavor I don’t like…. =)

  225. I love the roasted red pepper hummus – buy it everytime there is a coupon available!!!!!

  226. Basil Pesto is my favorite!!

  227. I love Lemon Humus and Spicy Red Pepper. I spread it on a Pita and add tabouli and feta. Toast in oven! Fabulous. It is WW friendly! Can’t beat that!! We don’t have the Tuscan Herb Garden flaor. Bet that is fabulous too.

  228. Yum… Olive Tapenade!

  229. Roasted red pepper

  230. Supremely Spicy, of course! I’m from Texas and we like our spice!

  231. I’m a die hard Sabra hummus fan and red pepper is my fave! Yum!

  232. Love the sundried tomato!!

  233. Supremely Spicy Hummus is my favorite!

  234. I have not had many flavors…my husband is not too great with change once he finds something he loves…so the very 1st one we tried is the favorite for our home…roasted garlic. I love it too so all is good. I am intrigued with the supremely spicy though…may have to give it a shot.

  235. Love the Roasted Garlic hummus and the Supremely Spicy one!

  236. Roasted red pepper!!!

  237. I like Basil Pesto, but think I will try the Spinach Artichok

  238. Spinach and artichoke is my fav!

  239. My fave flavor is Jalapeno Hummus. Nice and spicy!

  240. I love the roasted red pepper!

  241. Roasted pine nut!

  242. I love the roasted pine nut.

  243. Love the roasted red pepper on a turkey sandwich.

  244. Supremely Spicy!

  245. Roasted garlic!

  246. As much as I like all the funky flavors, you can’t beat the classic for versatility!

  247. My favorite flavor is the Roasted Pine Nut as well. SO delicious!!

  248. Love the Roasted Garlic!!!

  249. Roasted red pepper

  250. My fav Sabra is roasted red pepper. Love it

  251. Definitely the Roasted Pine Nut hummus! Love!

  252. I love the roasted red pepper and pine nut!

  253. I LOVE the Lemon flavor!

  254. Roasted garlic! But roasted pine nut isn’t far behind…

  255. Roasted Red Pepper

  256. Hard to choose as there is more than one I love but I always go back to Roasted Red Pepper!

  257. Roasted red pepper is the best!!

  258. Love the roasted pine nut…Sabra is the best!

  259. Roasted Garlic or Spinach Artichoke

  260. Roasted red pepper is divine!!!

  261. Roasted Garlic!!!

  262. Loved lemon but can’t find it any more. 2’nd love is sun dried tomato!

  263. roasted garlic.

  264. It is a tie between the olive tapenade and the spinach artichoke.

  265. Roasted garlic is my favorite! I love hummus! One of my favorite things to snack on!!

  266. I love the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus; all of these other flavors I’ve never even seen. I think I might like the Olive Tapande and I think I’ll look for it.

  267. Supremely Spicy is my and fav

  268. I love Sandra’s roasted red pepper! Yum!!!

  269. I love Sabra’s roasted red pepper…

  270. Roasted Red Pepper!!

  271. I ‘m a garlic freak so I love the roasted garlic, but I bought the Olive Tapande and now I’m hooked could eat that with just about anything. Look forward to more new flavores. Keep them coming.

  272. Roasted Pine Nuts! Yummm 🙂

  273. I love the roasted garlic and the spinach and artichoke!

  274. Roasted pine nut for sure!!!

  275. Olive Tapenade for me and Classic for my son. We eat hummus every day!

  276. Olive Tapenade – Just love it!!

  277. Roasted red pepper 🙂 and roasted pine nut!!!!

  278. I’d have to load my cart with a combination of the spinach & artichoke and the spicy hummus. So good!

  279. My wife likes the red pepper one and the spinch one, but I definitely prefer the anything spicy.

  280. I LOVE the roasted red pepper kind, but now I HAVE to try the super spicy one. I have never seen that before! My husband and I really enjoy spicy things and are hoping that our little one will love spicy things too!

  281. Haven’t tried all of them yet but I would have to say Supremely Spicy!

  282. Spinach and artichoke 🙂

  283. Haven’t tried them all yet but I would have to say Supremely Spicy!

  284. I love all the flavors but I always use the classic original on sandwiches and as a base for recipes! It’s so delish!

  285. Roasted red pepper is my favorite, roasted pine nut is second. I could eat a whole container at once for lunch!

  286. Love the Basil Pesto…we scoop it up on Triscuits!

  287. My favorite kind of Sabra hummus is the Roasted Pine Nuts. Yum!

  288. The Spinach and Artichoke Hummus!

  289. Olive Tapenade is my favorite now. Who can beat olives with good hummus on warm pita?

  290. roasted pine nut!

  291. I love love love the spinach artichoke hummus!

  292. I love the Roasted Garlic!

  293. Roasted garlic is my absolute favorite!! I love it with pretzel crisps!

  294. by far my favorite is the roasted pine nut, love it with naked pita crisps! a close second is the red pepper variety… I am sabra fan through and through! can’t wait to try the new olive tapenade..

  295. Roasted Pine Nut for sure!

  296. Roasted red pepper – yum!

  297. Olive Tapanade is my fave! :))

  298. I love the spicy one!!! Garlic is awesome too

  299. I love the Tuscan Garden kind the most but I have tried a bunch and love them all.

  300. Supremely Spicy!

  301. Supremely Spicy all the way!

  302. My 17 month old daughter and I love the roasted red pepper hummus 🙂

  303. Roasted Red Pepper!

  304. I love the roasted red pepper! But I would love to try the basil pesto!

  305. Roasted Pine Nut

  306. Spinach and Artichoke – wowie! I’ve been trying to make my own hummus, my current batch is roasted red pepper, but it doesn’t taste anything like Sabra. Sabra is sooo good!!! I saw it was rated very high in Cooks Illustrated!

  307. I love just the plain classic hummus because you can add anything!

  308. I love roasted red pepper hummus. I will sometimes just eat it out of the packages with unsalted crackers.

  309. mmmm gotta go for classic and add a bunch of stuff to it depending on my mood.

  310. Supremely spicy and olive tapenade

  311. I love the roasted pine nut!

  312. My favorite is roasted pine nut too – so good with pita chips and veggies!

  313. My favorite is the roasted red pepper while my 4 year old son’s favorite is the spinach and artichoke. However we both love the roasted garlic.

  314. Roasted Red Pepper is ah-mazing!!!

  315. Roasted red pepper!

  316. I love the chipolte and the roasted red pepper!!!

  317. Supremely Spicy is my favorite. So yummy!!!!

  318. Roasted Red Pepper–Awesome!

  319. I love the roasted pine nut hummus! Delicious!! I need some hummus right now!

  320. Love the Roasted Red Pepper, but also love the Chipotle and the Jalapeno. We love our spicy!!

  321. Roasted red pepper is amazing!

  322. My favorite is Roasted Red Pepper

  323. Roasted garlic –so strong but sooo good!

  324. I love the recipes on emily bites and am a huge hummus fan. Would love to win one of these wonderful prizes.

  325. I love the roasted pine nut hummus! It’s amazing with veggies!

  326. I am in love with the roasted red pepper hummus! Especially with raw bell peppers for dipping!

  327. Red Pepper Hummus, but haven’t tried many of the other flavors before. Did try the spicy one, which for carrots was a bit much, but was great as a condiment on a sandwich.

  328. I guess I meant the sundried tomato hummus, perhaps?

  329. I like the garlic flavor!

  330. My favorite is still the Classic.

  331. Roasted Pine Nut

  332. Olive is my favorite! My son loves them all.

  333. My favorite is the sundried tomato hummus!

  334. We love the roasted garlic!

  335. Love the spicy!

  336. We love the original Sabra hummus in our house. It’s perfect!

  337. Roasted red pepper is delicious!

  338. Roasted Pine Nut… mmmmm…

  339. Love the Roasted Pine Nut. I take turkey breast spread some hummus and roll it up. That is lunch!

  340. Love giveaways ans hummus

  341. Basil Pesto – yum yum yum!

  342. I love the Roasted Red Pepper! It is awesome…

  343. Roasted garlic! Yummmmmo!!

  344. Roasted garlic is my fave! We have it with everything!

  345. Spinach and Artichoke is my favorite Sabre! (And garlic with the pretzel cups, perfect for lunch 🙂

  346. supremely spicy! definitely!

  347. Sun dried tom! 🙂

  348. Roasted pine nut! 🙂

  349. Supremely spicy

  350. The roasted garlic for sure!!

  351. Love me some roasted garlic!

  352. Basil Pesto is my favorite!!! Yummy!

  353. I love to eat the supremely spicy hummus, mixed with a little extra sriacha sauce for extra kick, with carrots as a snack!

  354. Pine Nut is also my favorite. We use hummas when making pizza instead of the sauce….it is amazing!

  355. My all time favorite is, without a doubt, the Roasted Pine Nut Hummus. Oh my goodness that hummus is GOOD! I love to eat mine with some flat pretzel chips or whenever I’m feeling the need to eat something healthier I use carrot sticks. :3

  356. My boys and I love the roasted garlic!

  357. The supremely spicy hummus is hands-down my favorite flavor! I could eat it by the vat!

  358. Mmmm- Roasted Red Pepper!! Can’t wait to try the olive.

  359. Roasted Pine Nut and Spinach Artichoke are tied!

  360. Supremely Spicy! Love it!

  361. Roasted garlic is the best! so simple but has such a great tase!

  362. I love Sabra’s original hummus. YUM!!

  363. I love the olive tapenade hummus! The original is a close second!

  364. Roasted Red Pepper, for sure!

  365. I love the classic hummus – nice, clean flavor and pairs well with so many things!

  366. I luv the basil pesto & spinach artichoke!

  367. My favorite is the Original 🙂

  368. I like roasted pine nut Sabra hummus the best.

  369. Hmmm I like the basil pesto best. Yum!!!

  370. Supremely Spicy no wait Garlic… or uhm Pine nut! Dang it… pick one? That isn’t fair and you know it Emily!

  371. I love the roasted garlic~!

  372. Supremely Spicy! Yum!

  373. I like the classic.

  374. The jalapeno hummus is amazing!

  375. I love the standard hummus. I like using it as a salad dressing. I just leave my lettuce a little wet, add a blob of hummus, and toss. The little bit of water thins out the hummus to make a quick dressing.

  376. My favorite Sabra hummus flavor is roasted red pepper

  377. Roasted Red Pepper is my favorite!

  378. Supremely spice is awesome! But I love all that I’ve tried!

  379. Supremely Spicy is by far my fav! Super yum!

  380. We like all the flavors of Sabra Hummus, but I must say spinach and artichoke is our favorite!

  381. Total tie between Jalapeno and Lemon hummus for my favorite! SO GOOD!

  382. Roasted red pepper

  383. Roasted red pepper is our fave!!

  384. My favorite is the Greek olive hummus which was great with veggies but I can’t find it since the new olive one came out… Supremely spicy is awesome too!!!

  385. Love the artichoke and spinach hummus

  386. Roasted garlic!

  387. Supremely Spicy – with any veggies!

  388. My favorite snack is any type of hummus with celery sticks.

  389. I love Roasted Red Pepper!

  390. i love basil pesto flavor!

  391. I like the roasted red pepper flavor.

  392. Supremely Spicy is my #1 choice. Yet I’v been craving the Roasted Pine Nut lately. Nom nom nom!!!!

  393. Roasted Pine Nut is the bomb, but now I’m on the lookout for the new Olive Tapenade.

  394. My favorite flavor is the supremely spicy!! So yummy!

  395. Tuscan garden herb

  396. My favorite variety is the Hummus with roasted pine nuts.


  398. Roasted Pine Nuts is my favorite too!

  399. My favorite is Roasted Red Pepper.

  400. Actually I love the regular ol’ Classic Sabras. I get to dress it up any way I like it, and add whatever fixin’s I want that day. My absolute fave is adding some Frank’s!

  401. My favorite is Roasted Red Pepper.

  402. Roasted red pepper

  403. My favorite Sabra hummus flavor is their new one “Tuscan Herb”!! It’s amazing!!

  404. Spinach and Artichoke…Just how I roll….. 🙂 thanks for the chance.

  405. garlic hummus is my fave!

  406. Original is my favorite but I can’t wait to try the olive tapenade!

  407. I love roasted pine nut hummus

  408. The roasted red pepper is my favourite, although it’s very hard to choose! After looking at the pictures, I really can’t wait to try the spinach and artichoke hummus! Yum!

  409. Spicy hummus all the way!!! Or spinach and artichoke..can’t go wrong with that.


  411. Roasted Red Pepper, because it’s yummy and has low WW points compared to some others!

  412. Basil pesto! It’s hard not to eat the entire container at one time…

  413. The garlic hummus all the way!

  414. roasted garlic, hope to try spicy soon

  415. Red pepper

  416. spinach and artichoke

  417. The jalepeno and roasted garlic are both delicious!

  418. My favorite is Roasted Red Pepper!

  419. Roasted Pine Nut is my favorite.

  420. mmmmm spinach artichoke……

  421. I love garlic hummus with carrots

  422. Roasted Pine Nut is my fave!

  423. Roasted red pepper! Yum yum!

  424. The olive one is my favorite!! 🙂

  425. I love Supremely Spicy Hummus with carrots and cucumbers! YUM!

  426. Love, love, love the olive tapenade Sabra hummus…it’s my jam!

  427. I love hummus wraps with veggies.

  428. I love the roasted red pepper, but I’m going to have to try the spinach and artichoke now too! Thanks for sharing this great contest!

  429. I have to pick theOlive Tapenade

  430. The Basil Pesto hummus is my fav.

  431. Absolute favorite is Roasted Red Pepper!

  432. Roasted Red Pepper! A delicious classic.

  433. I’m right there with you…I LOVE the Olive Tapenade flavor is my favorite…the Supremely Spicy is a close second, though!

  434. I love, love, love Sabra’s Jalapeno Hummus!

  435. Roasted Garlic is my favorite!

  436. Hands down, love the spinach and artichoke!

  437. I love the spinach and artichoke. My one year old loves the roasted red pepper!

  438. roasted red pepper!

  439. Love the roasted red pepper!

  440. I love the roasted garlic one and I eat it with mini peppers

  441. Roasted red pepper- yummy!

  442. Roasted Pine Nut!! mmmmmm

  443. Roasted garlic is my fav! Love it on veggies or pretzel chips!

  444. Garlic Pesto for sure!!!

  445. Roasted Red Pepper is phenomenal, but other flavors are awesome too!

  446. Roasted red pepper for me… but now I want to try more! Yum!

  447. Basil Pesto is my favorite. Love your blog – so glad I found you!

  448. Definitely Roasted Pine Nut!

  449. Basil Pesto or the Roasted Garlic, depending on how I’m feeling that day!

  450. Supremely Spicy is my very very fav but roasted red pepper comes in right behind. 🙂

  451. Spinich and Artichoke or Roasted Garlic with pita chips! Yumm-O!!!!

  452. Ok…I have to admit…I’ve never tried it. But this looks like it would be a great way to give it a try. 🙂

  453. Basil Pesto.

  454. Supremely spicy! But to be fair….I love them all!

  455. Roasted Red Pepper is by far my Fav followed closely by Roasted Garlic.

  456. Supremely Spicy Hummus is my favorite!! I love dipping Pita Chips in it or putting it on a wrap with turkey…

  457. Basil Pesto – so tasty!

  458. My favorite flavor is the roasted pinenut!!!

  459. My favorite is the sun dried tomato! I love them all though!

  460. Roasted Red Pepper with original Pretzel Crisps. My favorite snack!

  461. Olive Tapenade…. yum!!!!

  462. Roasted red pepper!

  463. I love all the ones that I’ve tried but I really really like roasted red pepper but now want to try the spicy one I saw mentioned in the comments.

  464. My favorite sabra hummus flavor is the roasted garlic. I eat that stuff by the tub!!!

  465. Mmmm basil pesto hummus

  466. Definitely basil pesto!

  467. My favorite was carmelized onion. I cannot find it anymore. I love reading everyone’s favorite flavor. It makes me want to try them all.

  468. Roasted red pepper! Love hummus!

  469. My favorite just the good ole plain! Nothing beats it!

  470. Ohhhh….the basil pesto is my faaaaavorite!

  471. The sun dried tomato hummus is my fav!

  472. Roasted Garlic by far! We find ways to put it on everything!!

  473. Roasted Pine Nut all they way!!!

  474. Roasted garlic!

  475. I love love love the Roasted Red Pepper! I also recently tried the Spinach and Artichoke and though it was fantastic as well. Yum!

  476. I love the roasted garlic hummus! I eat it with raw veggies and also mix it with tuna & eat it on a mini whole wheat pita for a great post workout snack!

  477. Roasted garlic!

  478. Red pepper!

  479. The Olive Tapenade!!

  480. Roasted pine nut hummus is my favorite!

  481. I love them all – but if I can only pick one it is the Supremely Spicy!

  482. Spinach and Artichoke!!

  483. Supremely Spicy!

  484. It is a tie! Roasted red pepper and the pine nut

  485. Roasted red pepper is my favorite!

  486. Good luck everyone! My fav is spinach and artichoke!

  487. spinach and artichoke

  488. Roasted red pepper is my absolute favorite !!!! Good luck to all who have entered …

  489. My favorites are roasted pine nut and supremely spicy with tortilla chips!! And the kids love it too!

  490. I like the plain original humus because it is so versatile. I can use it in sandwiches in place of the mayo or just with crunchy veggies for a healthy snack. Thanks Sabra!!

  491. The lemon flavored Hummus is my favorite. So fresh!

  492. I can’t decide which is my favorite – plain, sun-dried tomato, or roasted garlic…

  493. Yummy!! My favorite is definitely the supremely spicey hummus!!

  494. Yum hummus! The basil pesto is one of my favs. Really, I love them all!

  495. Basil pesto— with italian roast beef and provolone.

  496. I, too, love the Roasted Pine Nut flavor!

  497. Olive Tapenaid!

  498. Supremely spicy!!! It’s the best!

  499. chipotle and supremely spicy

  500. I’m so boring….I love Original Hummus the most! It’s so versatile and yummy….can’t beat it!! 🙂

  501. I’ve tried almost every flavor…hands down….roasted garlic and supremely spicy are neck and neck….there is no front runner..they are both superb!

  502. I love the roasted red pepper 🙂 yum!

  503. Recently discovered and love the black bean hummus – sooo good!!! But wow I can’t wait to get my hands on some olive tapenade hummus!!!!!

  504. Roasted red pepper! Yum 🙂

  505. Supremely spicy!!!

  506. Plain and simple, original hummus, in the tiny little containers so I can take one for lunch every day!

  507. pine nut

  508. Garlic! Delish

  509. roasted red pepper, all the way!

  510. Roasted Red Pepper! Can’t get enough!

  511. Love the Spinach & Artichoke flavor! 🙂

  512. Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus is my fave!

  513. Just plain old hummus!

  514. My favorite hummus is roasted red pepper with Stacey’s pita chips. Mmmmmm!

  515. Roasted garlic! Yum 🙂

  516. Roasted garlic! Love it!

  517. Roasted Garlic 🙂

  518. I love the roasted garlic 🙂

  519. Loveee the spinach artichoke hummus! 😉

  520. Roasted Garlic is my fave!

  521. My favorite is the supremely spicy hummus but I also love the roasted garlic. Sometimes I mix the two together!!!

  522. Roasted Red Pepper is the best!!!!

  523. Sun Dried Tomato and Oliveeee (: Yum, Yum, Yum

  524. I love roasted red pepper! I just picked some up yesterday mmmmm!

  525. Olive is hands down my favorite! Yum!

  526. It’s always been roasted red pepper but I want to try the olive one!

  527. I love the garlic

  528. I love the Roasted Red Pepper. I eat that stuff like it is going out of style!

  529. Sun dried tomato and garlic

  530. Love the roasted garlic! Yummy!!! Your website rocks! Thanks for consideration.

  531. Sun dried tomato

  532. Roasted garlic. Making your Mediterranean
    Wraps tonight for dinner:)

  533. Supremely spicy is my favorite!! So good!

  534. Roasted red pepper!

  535. I also love the Roasted Pine Nut!

  536. Roasted red pepper

  537. Roasted pine nut hummus is my fav

  538. I can’t just pick one. My top 2 favorites are Basil pesto and roasted garlic.

  539. I love the garlic but my favorite is the lemon… it’s hard to find though. My toddler’s favorite food are those baby puffs (the ones that look like soft cheetos) dipped in hummy (hummus). Cracks me up. We LOVE hummus!!!

  540. Roasted Red Pepper!

  541. Roasted garlic and spinach artichoke, but I really like most of the flavors

  542. Basil pesto!

  543. Roasted Red Pepper!

  544. I’m partial to the roasted pine nut variety!

  545. Love the Spicy!!

  546. Roasted red pepper is my favorite…my son’s favorite is the good old original 🙂

  547. I love tthe Roasted Red Pepper!

  548. Roasted Red Pepper is my favorite….Olive Tapenade is a close second!

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