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Mar 15

A Brand New Emily Bites!

Hi friends! You may have noticed it looks a little different around here…Emily Bites got a makeover! I want to give a huge shout out to Lindsay at PURR Design for giving my site a whole new design with increased functionality and for handling all my questions with ease during the transition. She’s the best!

In addition to getting a fun new look, there are also some new features and some things that have been rearranged. Change can be scary (but good, I promise!), so I thought I’d take you all through a few things about the new site to get you up to speed. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here or shoot me an email and I will try to help!

Subscribe by Email

Let’s start right up top on the main page. The first thing you’ll see is a dark blue bar where you can enter your email address to receive email updates every time I post a new recipe. I did have this option on my old site but it was buried halfway down the page in the sidebar so I was always getting emails asking how to get on the email list. Now it’s easy!

Subscribe by Email

Recipe Box

Whether you’ve used this feature before or not, it’s a great one to know about. What used to be the “Ziplist” tab on my old site is now labeled “Recipe Box.”

Recipe Box

What is Ziplist? Well, have you ever wished you could save recipes from all over the web to one central recipe box? Even better, have you imagined you could then select a few of those recipes that you want to make next and have all the ingredients transformed into a printable grocery list with the click of a button? Hey, while you’re dreaming you might as well wish this recipe box also had a mobile app so you could create/carry that grocery list with you anywhere you go (no more “Oops, I forgot the list! What was I here for again…?”). The super-organized among you may even wish for a Meal Planning feature where you can add meals to your queue or schedule them for specific dates.

Guess what? That’s all real! Ziplist.com is a great site that actually does all of those dream-features I listed above. While Emily Bites is undoubtedly your favorite source for recipes on the web (*cough cough*), a lot of other really great sites use Ziplist as well, and you can save recipes from any of them directly to your recipe box! You’ll need to make an account with Ziplist (which you can do by clicking the Recipe Box tab at the top of the page) if you don’t have one already, but then you’ll be able to access your recipe box anytime, anywhere! To save a recipe from Emily Bites, simply scroll down to the recipe portion of the post and click the blue “save” button (as pictured below):

save recipe

New Social Media Icons

I’ve added a few new ways to follow Emily Bites and I want to make sure to point them out. From top to bottom you can click these icons to follow my RSS feed, Twitter feed, Facebook page, Pinterest pages, Instagram account, or Google+ page. I’ve always been a big fan of both Facebook and Pinterest, but I just picked up Instagram in the last year and it’s now one of my favorites as well. My Instagram account is more of a mix of my personal life and my blog so if you have any interest in knowing more about me as a person, that’s a fun place for us to interact. I also follow some fellow motivational Weight Watchers members there who continuously post their snack ideas and workouts – it can be great inspiration! Follow one or follow ’em all, but make sure you don’t miss a recipe!

social media

Feature Slideshow

This is a new feature that I’m really excited about. The slideshow at the top of my sidebar allows me to feature seasonally relevant recipes and I can update and change it as often as I’d like. Think “Superbowl Snack Ideas,” “Summer Picnic Must Haves,” or “Valentine’s Sweets.” This is going to be a great way to discover recipes old and new that are perfect for whatever you’re planning right now. Currently I’m kicking it off with a selection of hearty Winter Soups and Stews, but make sure to keep an eye on this slideshow as it changes throughout the year!

feature slideshow

Recipe Index

This is hands down my absolute favorite part of my new site. If you click on “Recipes” in the main menu, you can now browse recipes by category or ingredient! Looking for a casserole to feed your family? It’s easy! Have a zucchini or some ground beef in your fridge and not sure how to use it? No problem!

recipe index

Once you choose a category or ingredient it now shows you the results with both photos and recipe titles, so you can easily find a recipe that appeals to you:


Recipe Format

I’m not 100% done reformatting my old recipes (it takes for-e-ver) but this is what most of my recipes will now look like (and all will look like soon). Note that the number of servings as well as serving size is now located directly underneath the recipe title. The “print” friendly and “save” recipe buttons are now located to the right of the recipe:

recipe print

At the bottom of the recipe you will find the Weight Watchers Points Plus and nutrition information per serving as well as the social media share buttons in case you’d like to pin, email or share the recipe on Facebook or Twitter. Please do! I’m sure many of you will be searching for the “Pin It” button, so here it is:

pin it

I think that covers the big changes. I hope you all love the new design as much as I do!

32 comments on “A Brand New Emily Bites!”

  1. I really love the update.

  2. The new website looks great!

  3. Congrats!!!! It is beautiful and useful. Thank you for all you do for us.
    This takes a lot of work and your fans really appreciate all you do for us.

    • Thank you so much, I appreciate you right back! I couldn’t keep it going without all of you. I’m glad you’re loving the updates! 🙂

  4. Love you new site. Great new features!! Congrats!

  5. How exciting! I love the new look and user-friendly features! One thing that hasn’t changed?…your site being my go-to for yummy, healthy meals!

  6. So do I need to re-signup with your new site or will I continue to get my “stuff”

    • Nope, if you were subscribed on my old site you’ll continue to receive updates – good question!

  7. Wow! This took ALOT of work, but it look fabulous!

  8. Love the new layout! Sorry if I’m missing something obvious, but where is the feature to see posts month by month/see the lists of posts?

    • Thanks Leah! It’s in the sidebar in the drop down menu labeled “archives” – I think that’s what you’re looking for!

  9. Loving the update! The site looks fantastic! 🙂 Thank you for all the wonderful recipes you post – my boyfriend and I love them!

  10. Love the new site. Thank you.

  11. Love the new site. Thank you.

  12. The new design looks great! I like the new colors and the way everything looks!

  13. Wow Emily. This is my first visit to your sight and I am amazed by all the features (and mouthwatering recipes) you have here! I think I should make you my permanent home page. As you were describing the zip list, I felt like you were reading my mind- it’s everything I’ve wanted in a recipe box. Looking up a 7-10 point WW dinner right now. Thank you for being brilliant!

  14. This is pleasurable to read and having a good concept here. Thank you.

  15. LOVING the new site and all the functions (ziplist, I LOVE YOU!). Thanks for making one of my absolute favorite sites even BETTER!!

  16. Love the new site! So easy to navigate! Only problem is, all my Pinterest links to your recipes are now broken. Boo!
    Is this something you’re fixing or should I start repinning?
    Love the new look!

    • Thanks Aly! All of the standard links still work fine but unfortunately mobile links didn’t transfer. When I was on Blogger they put an m at the end of the URLs for anyone using the mobile version of the site and now that I’m on WordPress my mobile and standard site have the same URL so the “m” URLs no longer go where they’re supposed to. Unfortunately it’s the only thing that stinks so far about the move :/. Sorry your links are broken!

  17. I love the new look and tools!!!!
    I added slow cooker buff chicken successfully, but everytime I try to add another thing it tells me I added the chicken again. Am I doing something wrong?

  18. Hi Emily,

    I realized I had missed seeing your posts there and so I came to your site to see if there was something I missed. Just wanted to let you know that on Bloglovin’ the last post that shows up is the announcement about the new site design.

    Don’t know if it’s something you can do on your end, but wanted to make you aware.

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