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Jun 15

Pizza Logs

Baked Pizza Logs

Oh my goodness. I am so excited to share these Pizza Logs with you that I can barely contain myself and think of how to put it into words. I decided this concession stand staple needed a healthy makeover when I passed a tray of them wandering through the Wegmans prepared food section the other day. They looked oh-so-good but also oh-so-bad for me and I immediately got to work on lightening them up. I wish I had realized earlier that Pizza Logs would be so quick and easy to make because they taste every single bit as delicious as their fried counterparts. I should have been making these for years! I’m not going to lie…I can see myself making up for lost time by just making these weekly for the next several months. Yum.

These seriously taste even better than the fried version and each pizza log is less than 100 calories and only 2 WW Points! To view your current WW Points for this recipe and track it in the WW app or site, click here! Don’t be skeptical about halving the string cheese – it’s absolutely perfect. The cheese spreads out and gets gooey and stringy and the ratio of pepperoni to egg roll wrapper to cheese couldn’t be better. Traditional pizza logs don’t have sauce in them but I decided to try putting a little in half of these to see what I thought and I liked those ones way better. It makes them juicier. On of the great things about these is you can easily make as many or as few of these as you like. Snack for one? Just make two logs. Party for 10? You can easily make 20-30. Your guests will never guess these are a healthy version and you’ll be a very popular host!

Baked Pizza Logs

Baked Pizza Logs
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Pizza Logs

Pizza Logs are like an eggroll, but filled with gooey mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, and pepperoni!


  • 8 egg roll wrappers, larger than wonton wrappers
  • 8 teaspoons store-bought pizza sauce
  • 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
  • 24 turkey pepperoni slice, I used Hormel
  • 4 light Mozzarella string cheese sticks, each cut in half horizontally to make two shorter sticks (I used Weight Watchers brand – recommended!)


  • Preheat the oven to 425. Lightly mist a large baking sheet with cooking spray and set aside.
  • Pour some water into a small dish and set aside. On a flat surface, place an egg roll wrapper, corner facing toward you (like a diamond) and spread a teaspoon of pizza sauce horizontally across the center of the wrapper, leaving ½ inch or so of space on each side. Sprinkle a pinch of Italian seasoning across the sauce and add a row of 3 pepperoni slices over the sauce. Place half a cheese stick on top of the pepperoni. Fold the bottom corner closest to you up over the ingredients and give it a 90 degree roll. Fold the side corners in and tuck them as you give the filled section another 90 degree roll. Dip your finger in the dish or reserved water and lightly wet the edges of the remaining top corner of the wrapper. Finish rolling the filled pizza log over the wet corner so that it adheres. Place wrapped pizza log onto the prepared baking sheet. Repeat with remaining ingredients.
  • When all of the pizza logs are wrapped and on the baking sheets, mist the tops with cooking spray. Bake for 10-14 minutes, flipping once halfway through, until the wrappers are golden brown.


To view your current WW Points for this recipe and track it in the WW app or site, click here!
Nutrition Information:
97 calories, 13 g carbs, 1 g sugars, 2 g fat, 1 g saturated fat, 7 g protein, 1 g fiber (from myfitnesspal.com)
MyWW SmartPoints per (1 piece) serving: (SP calculated using the recipe builder on weightwatchers.com)
Green: 2 SmartPoints/ Blue: 2 SmartPoints/ Purple: 2 SmartPoints
Weight Watchers Points Plus:
2 per pizza log (P+ calculated using the recipe builder on weightwatchers.com)

147 comments on “Pizza Logs”

  1. Oh my goodness, do those look yummy! ♥

  2. they look SO GOOD

  3. Cannot wait to try these!!!

  4. I don’t eat eggrolls so I wouldn’t really be able to use them again. I do, however, make a lot of your cupcake/wonton wrapper recipes and I’m wondering if you think it would be possible for me to use those?

  5. Just a question, if I cut the cheese stick horizontally, won’t I have two long strips instead of two shorter ones. Which way am I suppose to do this? Thanks. Love your recipes!

  6. Oooooh these looks so yummy have to try it .

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  7. Do you think you could freeze these and if so would you bake and then freeze or make ahead, freeze and bake later? I would love to have these on hand for a quick summer snack for the kids.

  8. Do you know how well they microwave? Thinking of making a batch and bringing them in to work for lunch for a few days.

  9. The egg roll wrappers I bought come out to be 4 points EACH wrapper. Where did you find yours? I just ate 3 pizza logs thinking they were 3 points each but in reality they were 4+ points each…oopps

  10. You are AWESOME! Thank You…I never expected those to be 3 wraps as one serving! I feel so much better now! I LOVE your recipes! I am new to WW and trying to loose the lovely weight I gained during my daughters 2nd heart transplant. I lost so much weight with her first but the 2nd time around my body responded totally different….bummer. Thanks so much and please keep adding these yummy recipes.

  11. I bet these would be wonderful dressed up with onion, mushrooms and olives.

  12. Just made these — DELICIOUS! 🙂 Thank you!

  13. Made these twice this weekend – total hit! Easy and delicious. I seriously can’t believe how low in points they are. I brought a couple to eat for lunch today – hoping the microwave okay. Thanks for another wonderful receipe!!

  14. THESE WERE SO SOOOOOO GOOD! thank you! I think i bought some tiny wonton wrappers, so i had to cut it back to 2 pepperonis (that i cut in half ) to make it fold better. BUT SO DELICIOUS! i way over ate these little guys! thank you!!!

  15. These were so easy and so tasty! Just a warning that the sauce takes a while to cool after they’ve baked – I squirted my face with hot tomato sauce when I bit into one.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Ok, I have never purchased egg roll wrappers, so I have a stupid question: Where do I purchase these? What part of the store? Thanks!

  18. I just made them and they were delicious!!! My whole family loved them.

  19. Made these yesterday afternoon for lunches this week. They held up well in the fridge so far and reheated perfect. For 1 log, 20 seconds in the microwave is perfect. For 4, a minute. Good job, Emily! Loving these.

  20. These are freakin’ FANTASTIC! I did modify a bit by using wonton wrappers, ( I had them on hand and needed to use them uP!) so I had ‘Baby Logs’. A wonderful snack!


  22. Just wondering what everyone else has been serving with these if you make them for dinner? I’d be fine with these alone, but my husband definitely likes a side or two to accompany his main meal. I know I could do a salad, but that’s our standby and I’d like to mix it up a bit. Any thoughts/suggestions?

  23. I just made these and they are like nothing I have ever tasted before while being on WW…..please do yourself a favor and MAKE these ….you won’t be sorry! And I might add, these are so easy to make!! Thank you emilybites for your yummy recipes!

  24. I can’t wait to try these. Love lo cal tasty snacks!

  25. Seems so quick and easy

  26. These are awesome. We can’t get enough of them at my house. Thanks Emily 🙂

  27. Just made these. Outstanding! So easy and they taste great. No need for extra sauce. Thanks Emily.

  28. I made these on Saturday and they are awesome! I had to stop myself from eating too many. 🙂 I rolled all of them up and put them uncooked in the freezer. They baked up just fine (about 18 mins) from the freezer to the oven on Sunday.

  29. I made these for a “healthified appetizer party” with friends and they were amazing!! Over the weekend I was craving Hawaiian pizza and made my own twist on these with ham and pineapple. SO yum!

  30. Emily, as a mom of a teenage son who struggles with his weight, I can’t thank you enough for developing this recipe. He couldn’t believe these weren’t store bought and unhealthy. It is important for an overweight teen to feel he can have normal “junk food.”

    Please create more of these recipes!

  31. I feel like I’m not folding them right 🙁

    • Okay, look at the pic above of it unfolded. You fold the bottom corner tightly up over the contents. Then fold the left and right side corners all the way in over the top. Then roll the contents up from the bottom toward the top corner. Hope that helps!

  32. I made these last night and they were good; unfortunately, they were nowhere near as crispy as your photos look, while the cheese didn’t fully melt. Any suggestions?

  33. I just made these tonight and they came out sooooo good. This recipe will definitely be a staple in my repertoire. Thanks for sharing!

  34. YOU, madame, are a GODDESS!! A pizza log goddess!

  35. i am confused on to how these only come out as 2 points per log. if the wrapper is 1 point how can you have the cheese, sauce, and pepperoni count as 1 other point?

  36. These are delicious! We added a basil leaf to each pizza log and it gave it some great extra flavor with no extra points! 🙂

  37. I love another posters idea about other types of rolls as well. I could think of making chicken taco roll ups…..turkey and cheese as she mentioned…..oh….awesome idea…chicken with monterey jack cheese & green chilis!!! That would be sooo yummy. One could get sooo creative!
    Thanks sooo much for this wonderful idea!

  38. I can’t seem to find turkey pepperoni in Canada, any thoughts of a comparible product? Thanks in advance

  39. In Canada try the Pillers Turkey Pepperettes and slice them up. Each one is 1 WW point, I used one for the recipe and I made three of these and still had pepperoni to snack on. Yummy!

  40. I can’t wait to try these! I have left over egg roll wrappers from using them for French Dip Cupcakes last night (my store was sold out of wonton wrappers so I just cut the egg roll wrappers in 1/4)

  41. These are insane! Thank you Emily for all of your wonderful recipes!

  42. Have these in the oven right now. Can not wait to try them.

  43. I’ve lose count of how many times I’ve made these. I always have the ingredients on hand to take care of pizza cravings. You’re brilliant!

  44. I just made these, unfortunately the eggroll wrappers are 2 pp for just the wrappers not including the stuff in it. Still good tho 🙂

  45. Yum! This recipe was great…..love your recipes!

  46. Just finished making these. They turned out amazing. I made a few modifications. I didn’t use turkey pepperoni. Instead I made it vegetarian. I used green peppers, mushrooms, olives and onions. I also added pepper flakes. I like a little spice. They tasted just like pizza. This will be my go to meal when ever I’m crazing pizza. They were super filling and were only 7 p+ for 4!

  47. I made these tonight two different flavors and served with a spinach salad. The pepperoni and cheese ones were crisper than the pineapple and cheese ones. The one Change to this recipe I made was not putting the pizza sauce inside the rolls, but instead having it in a side dish for dipping. I have a picky 7 year old step daughter who doesn’t eat anything, thanks baby momma… I had her take a bite tonight and she ended up eating 1 and a half logs!

  48. Emily, we love this recipe! I made it again tonight for about the 10th time. My hubby suggested we try this with other things…cooked chicken with Italian dressing and something else? BBQ sauce with shredded beef. YUM!! Can’t wait to take one of my favorite recipes (because it’s yummy and SOOOO quick and easy) and try it with other ingredients!!

  49. I was so excited to see this 2 PP recipe. I had been craving pizza, so when I saw this recipe I rushed out to get the ingredients. I’m a sausage and mushroom fan, so I bought Jimmy Dean’s Turkey Sausage Crumbles and diced up some mushrooms instead of pepperoni. Love it!!! Thank you so much for a guilt free way to fill my pizza craving 🙂

  50. These were amazing! And I even forgot the seasoning 🙂

  51. You make losing weight way too easy!! I was having a huge craving for pizza since starting WW and gave these a try instead. Lol, now I’m gonna be craving these! They’re that good! In fact, we’ve been having a ball trying out many of your recipes and haven’t made one yet that wasn’t outstanding! Every single one we’ve tried gets an A+. Best part is they’ve all been hubby approved! Thank you so very much for your fantasic blog and all the yummy recipes! I don’t believe my DH and I could have gotten this far with our weight loss without you! If I could give you a huge, I would!! 🙂

    • Aw, thanks, I’m so happy you and your husband are loving the recipes!! Congrats on your weight loss, you should feel great! Thanks so much for your comment. I am sending you e-hugs right now! 🙂


  53. What a great idea and they could even be improved by finding nitrite free turkey pepperoni (or some other fillings, nitrite free sausage, etc) I’m not a fan of Hormel as they are part of the GMA which fights to keep you uniformed about what is in your food, but anytime you can remove some of the fat and chemicals, you are improving your health. Try organic wraps and cheese and you will really have a healthy snack!

  54. I have these in the oven now, can’t wait for my daughter and myself to try them!

  55. Thank you so much for this! Super delicious. Completely satisfying. My boyfriend said that these are perfect, and asked me to make them for his buddies while they do beer and basketball

  56. Ok I used an emoji and it cut off the rest of my comment, weird. I used applegate pork pepperoni and they were 50 calories an ounce, which I believe is the same amount of calories as hormel turkey pepperoni, but contains fewer preservatives and tastes awesome!

  57. i couldn’t find egg roll wrappers at my grocery store ( didn’t check produce section though next time I will) so I got Spring Roll Wrappers instead. Will this work and does the point value change?

    • Spring roll wrappers are pretty different. I’ve never tried them in this, but I wouldn’t suggest using them. Definitely check the produce section next time you go! 🙂

  58. We made these with Sargento cheese and excluded the pepperoni. They were fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration.

  59. Can’t wait to try this recipe. I think my husband will enjoy them also.

  60. So good! Thanks for the recipe!
    I made two with weight watchers mozzarella and two with wight watchers spicy mozzarella (had a nice kick).

  61. They look great but check the info. The wraps alone are 4WWP+.

  62. Sorry about my previous post…the wrappers are 4 WWP+ but the serving size is for three wrappers. I have to keep remembering to look at the serving size!!

  63. You saved the day! I bought the ingredients a couple days ago and wanted pizza bad tonight so made these. Yummmmmm!! Thank you!

  64. These are tasty! Thanks for the recipe!

  65. I made these last night and LOOOOVED THEM! I can’t wait for my husband to come home from deployment training and try all of these new recipes from you haha! Anyway I had a question. This morning I went to put in the recipe because this is a keeper and I’ll use it forever but the nasayo egg roll wrappers did not come up in my search during the building of the recipe. I typed in the nutrition values into the calculator and then when I added it to the recipe I put serving size as 2& 2/3… Is that right a serving is 3 wrappers so that would make 8 total???? Anyway, my recipe came up with 3pp for an 8 serving recipe. I used weight watcher cheese, regular pizza sauce and hormel turkey pepperoni!

    • I’m glad you love these! I’m not 100% sure if I’m following what you’re asking, but when I entered the recipe into the WW recipe builder and into the myfitnesspal recipe calculator mine came out to be 2 PP for one, 5 PP for two.

  66. Have you tried freezing these? Would I cook them first and then freeze?

  67. My office has pizza Friday’s every week (literally) – which is always complete torture! I tried this recipe out a few days ago and am OBSESSED! These are delicious and perfect for pizza cravings. Today is Friday, so I brought in a salad and 2 pizza logs to enjoy while the smell of pizza fills the office! Thanks Emily!!!

  68. I saw this last night and had to try them!! Instead of the pepperoni I used precooked turkey sausage patties – half of the small pattie in each. Then added some diced onions and peppers in each. Comes out to 5 pp+ for 2 rolls. Amazing!! Thanks for a great WW friendly splurge!

  69. Wow! Just made these this afternoon and they are FANTISTIC! Lots of different possibilities with this recipe!

  70. I know this is an old post, but I just discovered it and made these delicious pizza logs and they were as awesome as previous posters claim. I ate 4 of them with a salad for dinner and am more than satisfied. Think I’ll be making a bunch of these to put in the freezer to pop in the oven when I need a quick snack or meal. I didn’t have extra sauce for dipping, but since the sauce inside them pretty much disappears, it would have been good to have a bit more sauce to dip. Thanks, Emily!

  71. Have you ever made these up a day ahead of time? If so, would you just refrigerate or freeze? Thanks!

  72. Emily, I looked for egg roll wrappers last night at my Kroger affiliate. I found one that was 5 smart points for 3 wrappers or another brand that was 2 smart points for 1 wrapper. I think you mentioned above that Naysoya (I prob spelled wrong) was the brand you used. Think there might be another brand that’s lower? Otherwise, they will probably be about 3-4 smart points a piece. 🙁

  73. I made these and they are very tasty. I used the whole pkg of wraps and had them in the fridge for lunch all week… I dipped them in spaghetti sauce

  74. Just saw these shared on Fb by SoberJulieDoingLife . Oh my. Saving and will be making once I shop for the ingredients. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  75. My kids loved these (so did I!) I am curious about how they would work if frozen. Have you tried freezing them? I am wondering how it would affect cook time and temp. Thanks so much for sharing this one!

  76. We tried these and they were edible, but there was so much wonton that was dry and yucky…won’t be wasting ingredients again.

  77. These are so easy and quick. My husband even loves them. For those asking about reheating. I made some and had leftovers. Stored in the fridge. Reheated in toaster oven and they were just as good as the first day we have them.

  78. Hey Emily do you ever put your recipes in the ww app? I’d love to track off of your recipes!

  79. I’m not sure what I did wrong but my cheese oozed out of all of the neatly rolled pieces. There’s not really any cheese left in the actual rolls. Suggestions?

  80. I just made these and they were delicious. Kid-approved! I found two brands of egg roll wrappers at my store and both brands came up as 2 points each wrap. In any case, 3 points total is good with me!

  81. How are these 97 calories a piece when egg roll wrappers have around 150 calories alone?

    • The egg roll wrappers in my fridge right now are 170 calories for 3 of them. You may want to check the serving size on your package! 🙂

  82. Thank you, thank you! I love these!! I tell anybody that will listen about them…LOL. I’ve been counting them as 2 SP’s but looks like I should check my eggroll wrappers just to make sure since I’ve made these 4 times this week and eat 4 of them as a meal. I started WW’s December 30 (online) and have lost 26 pounds and really missed my Friday night pizza night…now I don’t miss anything with Friday night pizza log night! I make mine in my air fryer and they are so crispy and delicious. I’ve made other recipes from your site and they’ all so good!!

    • 2 pepperonies ripped in half gets it down to 2 pts if you have the low pt egg roll wrapper. Then you can have an extra! Lol

  83. they’re…not they’

  84. Delicious ❤

  85. These are SO amazing! I’m obsessed! They don’t taste “light” at all and my whole family loves them. It’s easy to double the recipe to serve everyone or just make a few at a time for myself! Totally satisfies a pizza craving. I even double checked the calculations because I couldn’t believe these were only two points each (they are!)!

  86. These are fantastic!! I have been missing pizza and these little morsals are just what I needed. I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes!!

  87. This recipe is amazing! I never need to waste points on real pizza again! I changed the recipe a tiny bit and got each roll down to 2 smartpoints. I only used 2 turkey pepperoni per roll; I ripped them in half and laid them out so they went the whole length of the cheese. Tastes just as good and I can have an extra one! Also added spinach to give it some nutrients. Lastly, I had to cook it way longer than 14 minutes. Somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. Next time I might actually cook it at a lower temperature for a longer time so they cook more evenly. The egg roll wrapper was cooked but the cheese wasn’t fully melted. But yeah, definitely a great idea with the egg roll wrapper because you still get that bread flavor with less carbs!

  88. I am eating these as I type this…OMG!!! These are FANTASTIC!! The portions are perfect and they’re soooooo easy to make!! I WILL be making these again sometime!!

  89. Can’t wait to try thesr

  90. These really tasty. What brand pizza sauce did you use?

  91. I would like to make these in my new air fryer…what are the cooking instructions? It is brand new and this will be my 1st time using it don’t have any idea where to start for time & temp. Thanks

    • Did anyone respond to you about Air Fryer instructions? I would like to know the answers as well. Just got an Air Fryer for Christmas.

  92. Yummy but when I plugged in the nutritional content, it said it was 3 points a log..

  93. When I enter this into the WW App, I come up with 3sp each or 4 for 10. What kind of wrappers and pizza sauce are you using?

  94. These are delicious!! My kids devoured them!!!

  95. Just made them. Everyone loved them. I had a few leaks but I’m sure I’ll get better at sealing all the edges. So good. Hubby and two picky teens LOVED them.

    • I’m so happy you loved them and that they were a hit with the whole family! I still get a couple leaks every time I make them if it makes you feel any better 😉

  96. These look delicious I can’t wait to try them. I was wondering if I could use puff pastry sheets in place of the egg roll wrappers?

  97. These were so delicious and very filling! I worried about using the egg roll wrappers but they turned out perfect. Will defining make these again!

  98. These are amazing! So delicious!!

  99. Does anyone have instructions for making these in an Air Fyer? I never saw a reply to the person who asked in July 2017.

  100. Pizza logs are at the top of the long list of Buffalo foods that I miss. I just made myself two and they were AMAZING! Possibly better than the fried version (disclaimer: I don’t love super greasy food and do prefer turkey pepperoni). I used a cheap jar of target- market pantry brand tomato, basil garlic pasta sauce and didn’t bother with the seasoning. THANK YOU for this amazing recipe, I am so excited to make more! … I actually just made two more for myself. YUM!!!!!! Pizza log cravings no more, plus now I can focus on eating all the other food when I’m back up in Buffalo. I plan to make a huge batch for my next party!

  101. Hi Emily, I am wondering how you got 2 smart points per pizza roll??? I egg roll wrapper is 2 points by itself. I am still making this because I know it will be delicious but I figured 5 points each.

    • Hi Linda,
      Did you put the ingredients in the recipe builder? While it’s possible to get different points values using different brands etc I can’t imagine how you’d get 5 per roll. Mine came out to 2 SP each in the recipe builder.

  102. Still confused about the points
    I have the nasoya egg roll egg roll wrap here with a listing of 
    60 calories
    0 sat fat
    0 sugar
    2 protein
    Comes up as 2 points for each wrap

  103. Hi.. I made these tonight thinking they were 2 points each but when I put it in the recipe builder it was 11 points for 3 pizza logs!! The egg roll wrappers themselves are 2 points each, sadly. My grocery store doesn’t sell 1 point string cheese so that added a couple points as well.

  104. Has anyone used the air fryer for these? If so, what temperature and how long? 

  105. This is 3 points per log, not 2. The egg roll wraps are 2 points where the wonton wraps are 1 point. Add cheese, sauce and pepperoni and it is 3 points. Still awesome but it’s 6 points for 2 not 4 which is a game changer if you looking to save a few extra points. 

  106. Great recipe, but no one is going to eat just one of these. They are too yummy! haha But beware that 2 logs doesn’t = 4 points. You can have 1 for 2 points, but beyond that it’s best to track ingredients individually. I had 4 pizza logs thinking it would be 8 points, but decided to scan the ingredients used for 4 and it came out to 11 points for 4 rolls. Might be a little bit less if you can find WW string cheese, but unless WW string cheese is zero points the math doesn’t check out for a 1:2 ratio.

  107. It’s a great recipe, made it several times and will continue to do so… however…. no matter scanning or manually calculating, this recipe is still 3 points on purple. It’s a good night off meal.

  108. I wonder could you do these in a air fryer?  They look delish. 

  109. Do you have a print copy of this recipe-Pizza Logs

  110. For all those wanting to air fry, I just made these at 375 for 6 minutes, flipping half way, and they were nearly perfect.  I think next time I’ll check at 5 minutes.  They were so yummy and super crisp!

  111. These are delicious, and my husband loved them too. They are now part of our weekly menu to replace pizza night.

  112. OMG! I made these tonight and they are amazing! So quick and easy and you would never guess they are so WW friendly. Thank you for this recipe! My husband loved it too!5 stars

  113. So good!5 stars

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