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Mar 10

Chicken Lo Mein

Chicken Lo Mein with chopsticks

To say this Chicken Lo Mein was a big hit with my family would be a huge understatement. My husband kept saying how good it was for the rest of the night and my almost-two-year-old who initially didn’t want to try it ended up eating a whole plate! Needless to say, this recipe is definitely going in our dinner rotation. Not only is it every bit as tasty as takeout, it’s healthier and easy to make at home! You should be able to find low mein noodles, hoisin sauce, and oyster sauce in the Asian aisle/section of your grocery store, but if you have trouble you can substitute spaghetti and replace the oyster sauce with additional soy sauce. Don’t skip the hoisin sauce though, it’s one of my favorite sauces and it provides such great flavor! As you’ll see in the ingredients, I skipped chopping up napa cabbage and just bought a bagged Asian slaw mix at my grocery store and it worked great. This Chicken Lo Mein comes together quickly and makes a great weeknight meal. Plus, a 1 ½ cup serving is just 311 calories or 7 Green, 6 Blue or 6 Purple WW SmartPoints!

Chicken Lo Mein in a saute pan

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Chicken Lo Mein serving

Chicken Lo Mein with chopsticks
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Chicken Lo Mein

Skip the takeout, you can make this filling, flavorful Chicken Lo Mein at home!


  • 10 oz dry package of lo mein noodles
  • 1/3 cup reduced sodium chicken broth
  • 2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons Hoisin sauce
  • 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
  • 2 teaspoons sesame oil
  • 2 teaspoons cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon canola oil
  • 1 lb raw boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-sized pieces
  • Salt and black pepper, to taste
  • 1 small onion, finely sliced
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 teaspoon minced ginger root
  • 1 ½ cups finely chopped napa cabbage, if you don’t want to chop, my grocery store has bagged “Asian slaw” which is mostly shredded napa cabbage with a bit of celery and carrot and that’s what I use, you can also substitute traditional undressed bagged cole slaw
  • 1 cup snow peas
  • ½ cup shredded/julienned carrots
  • 1 scallion, finely chopped


  • Cook the lo mein noodles in a pot of boiling water according to package directions. Drain.
  • Whisk together the broth, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil and cornstarch until smooth and set aside.
  • At the same time as you are working on step one (boiling water for noodles), drizzle the oil in a large saute pan and bring over med-high heat. Add the chicken to the hot oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Stir to coat. Cook for 5-8 minutes, stirring occasionally, until chicken is cooked through. Remove the chicken to a side plate.
  • Add the onions to the hot pan and reduce the heat to med-low. Cook the onions for 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until softened and a bit golden. Add the garlic and ginger and stir. Cook for an additional 30-60 seconds until fragrant. Add the cabbage, snow peas, and carrots and stir together. Cook for another 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the chicken and cooked, drained noodles to the pan and stir to combine.
  • Add the sauce you whisked together in step 2 to the pan and stir to coat the noodles and ingredients. Cook for another minute and sprinkle with the scallions before serving.


MYWW SMARTPOINTS PER (1 & ½ cup) SERVING: (SP calculated using the recipe builder on weightwatchers.com)
Green: 7 SmartPoints/ Blue: 6 SmartPoints/ Purple: 6 SmartPoints
Weight Watchers Points Plus:
7 per (1 & ½ cup) serving (PP calculated using a Weight Watchers PointsPlus calculator and the nutrition info below)
Nutrition Information per (1 & ½ cup) serving:
311 calories, 39 g carbs, 6 g sugars, 6 g fat, 1 g saturated fat, 22 g protein, 4 g fiber (from myfitnesspal.com)
Adapted from Dinner at the Zoo

26 comments on “Chicken Lo Mein”

  1. I am so excited about this recipe! I’ve been trying to find healthy alternatives for ordering Chinese delivery and I think this will be it! What are your thoughts on whether it can be frozen, and how? Thank you for all of your amazing recipes–we have yet to find one we don’t love!

  2. This is my favorite Chinese take-out meal. I love that your recipe is so much healthier (less sodium, I’m sure) but I’m not completely on-board with what I think will be a great deal of time spent preparing this lovely meal from start to finish. Perhaps some day, when I have more time. Nevertheless, I’m drooling.

  3. Can’t wait to try this. With hoisonbsauce and sesame oil, it’s bound to be delicious!

  4. What is the sodium content in this?  I’m on a low sodium diet, it would be helpful if you listed sodium content in the nutrition information in all your recipes. This is something WW does not pay attention to and should!

  5. Emily, this is a keeper. The only thing I changed is I added water chestnuts and sirracha but it was sooooo good

  6. I made this tonight and it was delish! Thank you!!

  7. What lo mein noodles did you use? Mine figured up to be 7 points on purple?

  8. This looks so yummy. I love Chinese and this is just what I need today.

  9. I made this for dinner tonight! It was quick to put together and DELICIOUS!! Definitely cured my Chinese food craving. Will be adding this to our meal rotation 

  10. This was sooo good! Made egg drop soup with it. My family loved this!

  11. Looks so yummy! My sister is a huge Chinese lover and this recipe looks so amazing. Surely gonna try it out for tonight dinner. Hope I will made it the same way as you described.

  12. This was fun to make and tasted delicious!! Thank you so much!!

  13. Another yummy Emily Bites recipe. This was delicious, full of fresh veggies and the sauce was light!

  14. This was really good! I used a frozen Asian stir fry blend for the veggies. I thought it was a little sweet, probably because I cannot have oyster sauce so I used more hoisin. I will definitely make this again!

  15. This was a hit in our house! We doubled the sauce and used ground turkey instead (chicken I had bought smelled bad when I opened it). Really versatile dish that we will make again. Thanks for another winner, Emily!

  16. We made this for the first time tonight. It was yummy!  But our lo mein noodles clumped together while cooking and got really sticky while waiting to mix. Any tips?

  17. Can this be made without oyster sauce? I just googled what it is and it said there’s oyster extracts in there and I’m allergic to shellfish

  18. Loved this! My kids did too! 5 stars

  19. Loved this! I Made this a couple weeks ago and the whole family loved it. Making it again tonight. This recipe is a definite winner!5 stars

  20. So easy to make and the flavors were delicious! Even my picky husband ate it and loved it!!!5 stars

  21. Going to try this one! Looks great! Only thing is that I’m allergic to shellfish, so no oyster sauce for me (or takeout ever)! I found a substitute of 1 part soy sauce to 1 part hoisin sauce, so I’m upping both a 1/2 tablespoon to make up for volume. Hope it doesn’t change it too much. 

  22. So yummy, can’t even tell it’s not takeout. I will make this over and over again!5 stars

  23. This Chicken Lo Mein recipe is indeed worth it! The whole fam definitely love it, too. Glad Karman Foods got everything I needed for this recipe. hassle-free and fast delivery. Thanks for sharing the recipe!5 stars

  24. Delicious! I couldn’t find snow peas or Asian slaw at my little hillbilly grocery store so snap peas & regular coleslaw mix did the trick.  I used lean, boneless pork chops in place of the chicken and it worked great. I do think I might heat the sauce a bit next time, mine seemed to have a grainy texture. I wasn’t the most precise while measuring tho because I was in a hurry so I may have overdone it. Still fantastic!

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